Wednesday, July 13, 2016

[ Blogiversary ] Favorite Blogs

I love supporting blogs and showing them some love so I will share with you my top 5 blogs that I LOVE to follow. Here they are:

First up is S3OC. This blog is full of wonderful ladies that have quickly become some of my favorite people. They are constantly reading all different kinds of books and they hit me with the most recommendations. I literally can't keep up! Go check out their reviews and posts! 

The Sweet Spot Sisterhood 

One of the best person out there! Her passion for books and authors is incredible. She knows all the indie authors and supports them wholly. If Becky loves a book she will talk about it and get you to read it.

Two Unruly Girls with A Romance Book Buzz

I absolutely adore this blog and all their posts. I always laugh at their posts and they have some amazing recommendations and giveaways.

Angie and Jessica's Dreamy Reads

I love Angie's enthusiasm! She gives the best book recommendations. I think she literally reads 24/7! She is always reading new books and I am constantly following her Facebook updates because you will hear from her if a book is GOOD.


Crystal is absolutely amazing! I have come to know her well because we have buddy read some books together. We share our enthusiasm, hate, love, and angry towards characters. It was so much fun! We will be buddy reading again soon hopefully!

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