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[ Blogiversary ] Author Interview: Dani Rene

Author Interview: Dani Rene
Hello everyone let’s welcome Dani Rene to T & G Book Boutique! Lets get started by asking you some questions!

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi! *waves enthusiastically* I am Dani, an indie author from Cape Town, South Africa. It’s a beautiful city flanked by a mountain and a beautiful coastline. I love coffee, wine, reading, and writing. Spending time outdoors in the summer and curled up with a good book and glass of wine in winter. And if you want to keep me smiling, give me sushi, or cheesecake (not together obviously) I will be your best friend for life! 

What got you into writing?

I always wanted to write, but never had the courage to do it, to put myself out there. Then, last year, I started writing fan fiction stories and when I found that people actually wanted to read what I was writing, I carried on, after writing four stories, the readers begged me to publish Ace of Harts which turned out to be my debut novel. I love being able to create these worlds and giving people a place to escape to.

Tell us a little bit about your books.

At the moment I have three books out, Ace of Harts, Broken by Desire, and Between Love & Fire. They’re all considered romantic erotica, Ace of Harts and Broken by Desire are the naughtier ones that include some light elements of BDSM. It’s not the in your face kind, but they’re pretty naughty. I love alpha males and I love how much the care for their women. So that’s what I write. The third book is my rock star romance. It’s on the more contemporary side, but Callum, he’s a very naughty alpha male.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I shouldn’t really kiss and tell, but since you’ve asked so nicely… My inspiration mostly comes from my own experiences in life. I get a lot of my inspiration from music, I am always listening to music and also from books I read, movies I watch. Inspiration is all around us, it’s up to us to open our eyes and step outside our comfort zone to notice it.

Favorite hobby other than reading?

Writing! LOL. Besides reading and writing, I love to design. I have been doing graphic design for almost ten years now, and I have a passion for beautiful things. I love spending time at the beach and also enjoying nature, hiking through the forest, or up the mountain close to my house.

Tell us an embarrassing story?! I always love asking this question because it gives us a good laugh.

Can it be romantic embarrassing? LOL Okay, well I was working in a pub in London. It was an extremely busy day and our lunch rush was in full swing. It was Valentine’s Day and we were rushing around like crazy. I had my back to the entrance while pouring a drink when suddenly everyone went quiet, when I turned around my boyfriend at the time was standing there in his work gear (he worked on a construction site), full of dust, but he had a dozen blood red roses in his hand. The crowd stopped and watched as he handed me the roses and gave me a kiss. I was as blood red as the roses when he left.

If you had to pick between reading or writing what would you choose?

That’s really difficult, but I would say writing. As much as I love reading, I find that if I don’t particularly like a book, it gives me the motivation to write something I want to read. So if there’s something out there I think I want to read, it normally gets jotted in my notebook as an idea for a story.

Tell us one weird or interesting thing about you?

Mmmm…. I am a mix of Irish, South African, and Italian, with Italian being the more prominent. I have 9 tattoos (with more planned) and I can’t sleep with my back towards a door.

If you had to be alone in a deserted island what book would you take with you? Only one is allowed and no kindles! I know, I am cruel, but this is important. I want to know what book you would never get bored of.

You are cruel!! That’s like telling me I have to stop breathing!! LOL… Uhm, well, wow… This is tough! Okay, if it’s only one physical book, I would have to go with MOTO (or anything) by M Never. If I can take a series, it will be the Indebted Series by Pepper Winters. Can you tell this was the most difficult question out of all of them?? :D

Thank you for hanging out with us Dani.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to chat with you! Much love xo <3

Books by Dani Rene

Cerulean eyes pierce me.

A touch that scorches me.
Words that entice me.
With a reputation of the bad boy rock star,
I know he’s bad news.
He’s infuriating, persistent,
and drop dead gorgeous.
The man that has
women’s underwear dropping,
with a click of his fingers,
has his sights set on one woman.
I need to keep my distance.
I need to fight the attraction.
Chestnut eyes lure me.
A smile that tempts me.
Words that bait me.
The innocence in her eyes is like a drug.
Her feisty personality is a turn on.
The more she pushes, the more I pull.
I don’t back down from a challenge.
To have her in my bed is what I want.
And I always get what I want.
I need to make her mine.
I need to make her see the real me.

When you’re given a difficult choice.

How do you decide?
After traumatic circumstances drag her away from a life she was used to, Emily Reid packs up her small town life and moves to New York City to start again. Leaving behind a past that brought her unbearable pain, she pushes through to make her teenage dreams a reality.
After three weeks of being in the Big Apple, she lands her dream job. The one she’s wanted since she finished her studies and received her degree. She needs to prove herself, she needs to show her demanding, perfectionist boss that she is the girl for the job.
Triston Hart is a man with a dark past, he doesn’t believe in love. Giving it or receiving it. When a young woman walks into his office he is startled by her. The confidence, beauty and absolute determination in her personality tugs at him.
Emily finds her challenge when her boss and a handsome stranger sweep her off her feet. The feelings grow, but how is she supposed to choose? Her life seems to be spiralling out of control when her past catches up to her, it shakes her to the core.
Will her past destroy her future?
Or will her Ace of Harts win her hand?
The following story contains mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations.
It is intended for adult readers.

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  1. Ohh, I love the cover for Ace of Hearts! Sounds really good too, love the Interview ladies!

  2. Great questions and answers! Your books sound good - H


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