Monday, March 27, 2017

[Review] Stripped Bare by Heidi McLaughlin

​Title: Stripped Bare
Series: Vegas Billionare, Book 1
Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Expected Release Date: March 28, 2017
Format: eARC

They don’t call it the Strip for nothing. . . .In this sinfully sexy Las Vegas romance from bestselling author Heidi McLaughlin, a man who has it all reunites with a woman who takes it all off.Living in Sin City, Finn McCormick is no stranger to one-night stands, but the last person he expects to find losing big on the casino floor is a former high school fling. Even though Macey Webster’s clearly down on her luck, she’s still a knockout, and she’s dressed like a stripper—because she is one. Drunk off an unfamiliar cocktail of lust, pity, and compassion, Finn offers to pay Macey’s debts if she cuddles up to him around town . . . and does whatever he wants between the sheets.Macey came to Vegas for one reason only: money. She’s got a young daughter to support, and the tips really are bigger in Vegas. But when she blows her earnings on blackjack, her guardian angel is the rich boy who once stole her heart and never called her back. Although Macey would love to turn the tables on Finn, she can’t afford to refuse his proposition—and soon she’s enjoying herself much more than she cares to admit. Macey’s used to baring her flesh, but baring her soul will take far more courage. 

**4 Stars**
I love everything Heidi McLaughlin writes. I can't help it, the words she gives us are some of my favorite. What I really enjoyed about Stripped Bare was the little things that reminded me of the movie Pretty Woman, I love that movie and being able to read a book with similarities was fun.

Macey is a single mom of 10 years who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. She hasn't had it easy, but she is gorgeous which allows her to make money being a stripper. When an opportunity presents itself for her to go to Vegas for a little more money, she jumps at the chance of bettering herself and her daughter. The money is good and the tips are even bigger in Vegas, until she blows it all in Blackjack the night she is supposed to go back home to her daughter. Insert Finn, a man she never thought she'd see again, but the one man who has offered to pay her an amount of money she can't refuse for cuddling up to him for a week.

Finn hasn't seen Macey since he left for college, so seeing her in Vegas a stripper and playing blackjack at his hotel catches him off guard. Seeing what losing the money did to her, he offers her a deal she can't pass up or so he thinks. Macey has a secret he doesn't know about, but will the secret destroy what they have in the end or will it bring them closer together?

I loved Finn and Macey's story. I couldn't get enough of it and I was sad to see it end. I hope we get more from Heidi in this series and the chance to maybe see more of Finn and Macey.

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