Tuesday, September 13, 2016

[Review] The Playbook by Kelly Elliott

Title: The Playbook
Author: Kelly Elliott
Genre: Romance/Sports Romance
Release Date: September 13, 2016
Format: Paperback ARC
My life revolved around two things. Football and my cock. And not necessarily in that order.
Being the head football coach for a top university in Texas had its ups and its downs.
The ups? Endless women to f*ck.
The downs? The politics that came with the job.
From the moment Aubrey Cain walked into my office, she turned my world upside down. Being forced to have her follow me around for a month was going to be a pain in the ass. Especially since I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.
The best I’d hoped to come out of this was a few nights with her in my bed. I never imagined she’d be the game changer.
Brett Owens was my assignment.
Head football coach for a top college, bad boy reputation, short temper, and handsome good looks should have scared me off. But I was tougher than that.
From the first words out of his obnoxious, dirty-talking mouth, I knew it was going to be a long month. It wasn’t five minutes after meeting him, he hit on me. If only I had known his blue eyes would haunt my dreams and awaken a desire inside of me I never knew existed.
This was business. There was no way I would be tempted by him no matter how good looking he was or how many things he whispered in my ear.
He was only supposed to be my assignment. Not the man who threatened to destroy both my heart and my career. I would follow along with his playbook for now. But who would end up winning was anyone’s guess.
The Playbook is a stand-alone novel.

My Review
The Playbook was the perfect read for me. Kelly Elliott incorporated all the things I love in a book which are love, laughter, romance, dirty talk, and strong characters. It was a book that had me completely captivated right from the cover all the way to the blank last page telling me that there was no more. By the end I was completely fulfilled. I devoured this book with quickness. The Playbooks will leave you with this overwhelming feeling of LOVE.

Brett Owens owned me from the very first dirty words that came out of his mouth. I was so shocked by him. Then I’m like “I like it!” LOL. I didn’t know someone could be so blunt but it worked so well for him. It was incredibly hot. As I kept flipping the pages my love for him kept growing. He was so AHHH but at the same time he was sweet. The combination of the dirty and sweet did me in. No one can ever compare to Brett Owens.

As much as I loved Brett, I liked Aubrey even more. Her strong personality and her drive and determination, were a definite plus in my book. All these characteristics made her. Aubrey is my favorite leading lady EVER. She is tough and hilarious. She is smart and has purpose. Her career and the way she worked for it was one of my favorite parts to watch unfold. Bree would command and own. I have nothing but amazing things to say about her.

Kelly Elliott you won the game with The Playbook. It was a complete success. From the start, to the plot, to the ending you accomplished your mission. The Playbook is a winner. This is one of my favorite books that you have written so far. I loved so many things about this book that I would have to write my own book explaining everything so I will just stop it here! If you love football, dirty talking coaches, strong powerful leading ladies you will love this book. Go get it now because it will consume you and Brett Owens will own you.

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