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[Dual Review & Giveaway] The Prince and The Player and A Player for a Princess by Tia Louise

Runaway Zelda Wilder will do whatever it takes to secure a better life for her and her sister Ava. Crown Prince Rowan Westringham Tate will do whatever it takes to preserve his small country.

When Zee is blackmailed into helping a vengeful statesman take down Rowan, she never expects she'll be pulled into a web of lies and international intrigue--much less that she'll find herself falling for Cal, Rowan's "playboy" younger brother.

Ava's no help, as she finds quiet walks in the moonlight discussing poetry and leadership with the brooding future king irresistible. Even more irresistible is kissing his luscious lips.
They're in over their heads, and the more time passes, the more danger the sisters are in. Shots are fired, and it's soon clear even a prince might not be able to rescue these players.

My Review
4 out of 5 Stars

I don't like reading blurbs when I start reading books. I just like to jump in and see what happens. I did that with this book. I was so shocked when I started reading because I didn't expect this book to be how it was. The Prince and The Player has depth and it was not what I was expecting. Tia Louise does amazing in creating this amazing world. I was intrigued from the beginning. 

I love that these two girls, Zee and Ava, have lived a hard life and they are not the typical female characters we see in books. They work hard, even though it's illegal lol. I love their journey and I love that a con that they are supposed to preform completely changes course. It's amazing what two important men can change the course of their lives.

Like I was saying, this book is different. I expected the book to go one way but it went the other way. That was my favorite part! Although Rowan and Ava were important, Zee and Cal stole the show. These two captured my heart and their personalities were larger than life.

From the start I felt like this was more Zee's journey. She is one amazing character. So full of strength, courage, and full of protectiveness towards her younger sister. She finds herself in a tough spot and falls in love with the wrong man. But it isn't wrong. It is so good and perfect because Cal is EVERYTHING. He is just so cocky. The playboy prince. I just love him. The way he would talk and act drew me toward him just like Zee was drawn to him. 

The Prince and The Player was refreshing and full of suspense. It kept me questioning and scared that Zee was going to get discovered. It is full of villains and heroes. Are you ready to fall for these characters? I hope so, because you are in for a crazy ride with this book.

From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, the game continues…

Zelda Wilder is on the run, this time from the ruthless assassins who’ve decided she knows too much to live.

“Playboy Prince” MacCallum Lockwood Tate isn’t about to let the beautiful player who stole his heart get away—if only he could decide whether he wanted to save her or strangle her for her dangerous choices.
After tracking her down to a casino in St. Croix, Cal follows Zee back to Tortola where he intends to keep her safe. One problem: Zelda’s criminal liaisons are one step ahead of her.
Lives are threatened, and all of the players' skills are tested in this plot to capture a killer and save a princess.
My Review
4.5 out of 5 Stars

While I really enjoyed The Prince and The Player, I LOVED A Player for a Princess. Tia Louise delivered a book packed with emotion, pain, suspense, love, intrigue, and passion. This book literally had me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for what was to come. I was biting my nails at the suspense this book created in my heart. I was so engaged in A Player for a Princess that I couldn't sit still and I kept crying out, because my feelings were all over the place.

I can't even describe this book in detail. All I can say is that it is crazy and the plot is amazing. The feels this book brings out of the readers is real and painful. I am amazed at the amazing Tia Louise for creating such a powerful and impactful book. By the end of this book I was questioning so many things.

Zee is the strongest in this book. She is smart and she still plays the game well. Her heart is what will capture you. The ways she cares for people is remarkable. I love that this book brings in new characters, although the circumstances and not good. I still have no words I am just amazed at how this book developed.

As for Cal, I have the best things to say about him. He is just perfection and he doesn't give up. When he loves he really LOVES with everything he has. And although he is mad, rightfully so, his love and compassion still shines through. He loves Zee fiercely and I can't image a better man for her.

A Player for a Princess was full of action, betrayal, healing, and a new beginning. I am so happy to have read these two books. Thank you Tia Louise for giving us these unique books. I can't wait to read more from you!

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