Monday, September 5, 2016

Midnight Monday Featuring Joshua Warden

So for those of you who don't know, Midnight Mondays is a feature we created here at T & G Book Boutique! This is were we get our go extreme fan girl on books and book boyfriends. The main purpose of this meme is to post about the books that we deem worthy enough to stay up late at night and read until our hearts are full. When a book makes it to Midnight Monday, that means it is a must read. We will also include book boyfriends *sigh* who are extremely swoon worthy and that we can't resist. Our favorite quotes will also be included because who can resist a good quote?! Plus some of these are extremely swoon-worthy! 
Featuring Joshua Warden

"After a moment, her lips curve into a smile, and I die. A thousand deaths. Over and over. Because while on the outside, I’m living the life, living my dream, it had never felt real and I had never felt worthy. And for that split second when her eyes were on mine, and her smile was directed at me, she gave value to my existence."

This Midnight Monday we are featuring one of the best book boyfriends EVER. His name is Josh Warden and he is from Kick Push and Coast by Jay McLean. Josh stole my heart when I first met him in Where The Road Takes Me. His relationship with his son, stole my breath away. His love, his dedication, and his soul was 100% his son. There is no way you could read that book and not SEE that. When I found out he was getting his own books I was so happy but I was never prepared for all the emotions that I would feel.

" She’s disintegrated my armor with her existence, and now she has all of me.
Every single part.
I let her see me.
I let her love me.
And I let myself believe, just for a moment, I understood why. "

While reading Kick Push my heart was somewhat weary about this book. I went in not knowing a whole lot about Josh. All I knew was that he loved his son so dearly. What I was not prepared for was the onslaught of harsh emotions that hit me within the first few chapters. My heart was crying for Josh. I couldn't handle the way he was treated. I was filled with hate for some people in this book. But as the book moved on I was filled with so much LOVE for a certain character, Chazarae. A chance was all Josh needed and Chaz gave him so much more than that.

" I laugh and even though he doesn’t hear it, he sees it. He sees me. "

In walks the girl with the emerald eyes. Breath stolen. She was a broken girl, but despite that she was strong and beautiful. The interaction between Josh and Becca was swoon-worthy. The emotions, the time spent together, the hurt, it all led to one epic romance. A painful one. A beautiful one. A hurtful one. A passionate one. A sad one. It was more emotions than I can describe. 

" He nods, looking directly in my eyes, wistfulness in his stare as if my eyes hold all his memories of us. Maybe for him they do. His smile holds all of mine.

'I see you, Becs.' "

That was all one book. It was everything but not enough. Then I moved on to Coast (maybe a year later, which was torture). Coast was not what I wanted, but everything that I needed. I felt HURT. I felt abandoned. I felt broken. But despite all these sad feelings, I felt HOPE. Hope was all I needed because in the end, Coast gave me raw grasping, heart melting, and quenching romance. I was dead by the end of this book, put through the ringer with all the emotions I had to endure. But in the end? I wouldn't have changed a thing. Because you know what? Jay McLean writes the best books.

" I would love nothing more than to be your hero, Becca Owens!

'Coast with us, Emerald Eyes?' "

That was all my feelings. But here is a little bit of Josh. 

1. He has the biggest heart.
2. He has so much passion. 
3. He loves his son more than anything.
4. He is a hard worker.
5. He definitely knows how to make a girl swoon.
6. He skates. And boy does he do it well. 
7. When he loves, he LOVES.


Why I love her? It is not just one thing but everything. But especially this.

"I fell in love with photography when I was fourteen, when a simple image I’d taken had captured my breath and captured my heart. I rember sitting there, looking at the screen, at this one image, and knowing for certain that life had so much more to offer than what we all chose to see through shielded eyes and shielded minds. It became my task­–to capture moments that made me question the world, question my life, question everything."

There’s a single defining moment within every skater.
It lasts only a second. Two if you're good.
Three if you’re really good.
It’s the moment you’re in the air, your board somewhere
beneath you, and nothing but wind surrounds you.
It’s the feeling of being airborne.
 The sixteen-year-old version of me would’ve said it was the
greatest feeling in the world.
Then at seventeen, I had my son.
And every single second became a defining moment. Even the ones that consisted of heartbreak when his mother left us.
 Seventeen. Single. Dad.
That’s what my life became.
Yet, every day, I managed to find that feeling of being
Or at least I convinced myself I did.
But I lied—to myself and to everyone around me.
Until she showed up; Tanned skin, raven dark hair, and eyes the color of emeralds.
 You know what sucks about being in the air?
Coming down from the high.
Sometimes you land on the board and nail the trick.
Then kick, push, and coast away.
Other times you fall.
You fall hard.
And those are the times when it’s not as easy to get back up, dust off your pads and try again.
Especially when the girl with the emerald eyes becomes your drug...
And you become her poison.

One life-changing summer.
One boy.
The boy.
The boy who offered me safe touches and heart-stopping smiles - smiles he shared with his son.
We filled our days with porch-step kisses,
filled our ears with laughter,
filled our hearts with love.
Deep, soul-aching, desperate love.
But love is misleading.
It's an invisible, fleeting moment.
Somewhere between false adoration and pure hatred comes an emotion, a vulnerable need, a single desire.
It lives within the ones who miss it, who crave it,
who know better than to expect it.
Love is relentless.
Even when that love turns to hate, turns to loathing,
turns to pain.
Love should heal you.
But it can also break you.
Believe me, I know...
Because I'm Becca Owens - a broken girl...
...And he's Josh Warden - the boy who broke me.



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