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[Series Review] The Holly Wood Files by Emma Hart


Series Review
I love this series, lets start off with that. When Tanya introduced me to Emma, I was hooked with the Burke brothers, then she told me I needed to read these. I LOVE Drake and Noelle. They have to be one of my favorite couples ever.  I loved being able to see the progression of their relationship throughout the series and I loved how it ended.

Twisted Bond
Book 1

**4.5 Stars**
Oh man, this book sucked me in from page 1! Romance is my usual to go to, but I don’t usually read suspense. This book did not disappoint! Emma has a gift and she delivered with this one.

Former cop turned private PI Noelle Bond is probably my new favorite Emma character to date. This hot-blooded Italian is not a force many want to go against. In the small town of Holly Woods, Texas there usually isn’t a lot of crime, until now.  After the surprise of a dead body found in the dumpster outside her place of work, a murder is needing to be solved and Noelle can’t wait to get her hands on it. There is only one problem, the head detective; Detective Drake Nash is a torn in her side. The problem with this is Noelle also finds Drake to be sexy and is crazy attracted to him. But, is this a problem or not?

Detective Drake Nash is on hot detective and the lead detective for HWPD. He knows his stuff and even with the thorn in his side Noelle Bond, he is will solve the murder of person found in Bond PI’s dumpster.  The only problem is, Noelle keeps getting information from her brothers, who are also detectives with the HWPD. Does Drake finally give in and admit he has feelings for her or does he work with her to get the case solved?  Noelle drives him crazy. She is a royal pain, yet he can’t get over the attraction for her.

Man, I loved this story. The chemistry between Noelle and Drake is there, it’s hot and it’s crazy. They butt heads like no others and yet they work together in a way no one thought was possible. The secondary characters in this story are amazing. Nonna has you laughing and feeling the pain of a nosy grandmother and her brothers keep you laughing because they are all on the HWPD. 

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Tangled Bond
Book 2

**4.5 Stars**
Tangled Bond is book 2 in the Holly Woods Files series and just as good as the first.  Noelle and Drake are back and hotter than ever. After promising Drake a date, Noelle finally lets him cash him, the problem is there is yet another murder in Holly Woods.

Noelle is still as amazing as she was in book 1. You see more of her humor, her wit and her Tiffany blue glock (much to Drake and her family’s displeasure).  She shows no fear except when it comes to Drake and her feelings for him. Drake adds a nice complex to her personality, because even if they fight they still have this amazing chemistry between them that you want to keep reading about

Drake is a man who deserves an award for having the most patience out of anyone.  With another murder in the town and his attraction for Noelle he wants to keep her safe, even if it means multiple threats from Noelle at shooting him. He is determined to make her his and he won’t stop trying until it happens.  Being forced to work together with Noelle on another murder isn’t exactly how he planned on doing it, but things aren’t always in your control in Holly Woods.

The secondary characters are just as amazing in this book as they are in book 1. You learn more about Trent, Dev and Brody and their relationship with Noelle. You see more of Nonna and her crazy side along with how passionate she is about her family.

I can’t wait for book 3!

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Tethered Bond
Book 3 

**4.5 Stars**
Emma nailed it again! Book 3 brings Noelle and Drake along with the rest of Holly Woods back and they keep getting hotter! With the summer festival coming up the town of Holly Woods can finally be in peace and take a break from murders or can they? After another murder is victim is found and the town is thrown off balance.  

Noelle has finally come to realize that she wants Drake and he is hers. She has claimed him even though he still drives her mad. Noelle is asked to help solve yet another murder case much to Drake’s displeasure. This time it’s keeping herself save and being with Drake fully.
Drake is seriously going to go gray being with Noelle. Even if she drives him mad the desire to protect her is still there. Drake is overly protective and definitely shows Noelle how much he cares about her in this book.

I love how Emma brings back all of our favorite characters and that we keep learning more and more about the Bond family.  Nonna is still hilarious as ever and her new pet parrot adds even more of a flair to the drama that ensues at the Friday night family dinners.

Bring on book 4!

Tied Bond
Book 4

**4.5 Stars**
The Holly Woods Files group is back! This series seriously keeps getting hotter. The suspense keeps getting better and the chemistry between Noelle and Drake keeps on growing stronger.

Life isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows for Noelle, being a private PI and being in a relationship with the lead detective of HWPD has brought on new things Noelle wasn’t ever prepared for. The town of Holly Woods used to be so quiet, but it’s a good thing they have Drake and Noelle to help them solve the murder cases that keep turning up. With Halloween just around the corner, they were hoping for a nice quiet holiday, if you can call Nonna’s vocal hatred for the holiday quiet, until another murder victim is found and Drake’s mom is the prime suspect.

This is probably one of my favorite books within this series. It tests Noelle and Drake’s ability to be together with a crisis hits a family member. But they persevere and come out stronger than ever. A huge development for their relationship hits and it couldn’t have made it better.

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Twirled Bond
Book 5
**4.5 Stars**
They’re back!  This book takes place six months after Tied Bond and Emma nailed it again!  The story starts after Devin and Amelia got married and now Cupid Nonna is on the crazy train and dropping hints to Noelle and Drake! I couldn’t stop laughing at her craziness and the comments that would come flying out of Noelle’s mouth.

This one was slightly different from the others; different being the dead body is from a cold case over 10-15 years old. Noelle is hired to help solve this case yet again, even if Drake doesn’t want her to. But does the man really have a say in it when he moved in over six months ago and her shoe shelf still isn’t done?

I loved reading this story because it showed the growth in Noelle and Drake’s relationship.  You see how they handle cohabiting together and you get to watch them squirm with Nonna suggests marriage. The ending to this book was purely perfect. I think my favorite part of this story was the ever-developing love triangle Bek has herself in with Jason and Brody! I can’t wait for book 6 and Bek’s story. I know whom I’m rooting for!

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Burning Bond
Book 6
**4.5 Stars**
When I read the blurb for this one I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Bek has always intrigued me, her having a love triangle? Now that intrigues me even more! I wasn’t sure where her story was going to go, I knew where I wanted it to go and I was hoping Emma wouldn’t kill me in the process of getting there! Like all of the other stories there is a murder and a relationship with the HWPD, but I wasn’t prepared for how amazing Bek’s story was going to be! It’s hard to do this review without spoilers, so I’ll just tell you how I feel about Bek and the story overall as a whole.

Bek deserves an award for having to deal with the current pissing match between Jason and Brody. I wouldn’t want to pick either one of them because of this, but in the end I know she picked the perfect person for her. No one will ever be as crazy as Noelle, but Bek has her own special kind of crazy. She has to, to be BFF with Noelle. Bek’s crazy comes out in full force in Burning Bond and I loved it.  Bek is strong, sarcastic and has two amazing men fighting for her, but there is definite stronger chemistry between Bek and a certain someone.

Brody and Jason are both two amazing characters and I would have been happy for Bek to end up with both, but they are both amazing in their own way. Brody is a Bond for sure; he is cocky, handsome and doesn’t stop without a fight. Jason is the outsider; he’s handsome and has a desire to protect Bek. I know I wouldn’t know whom to pick if I was in Bek’s position.

This book was full of angst, passion, sarcasm, wit and humor. Emma definitely delivered with this book and Bek’s story. It had me wanting to punch Bek, Brody, and Jason all at the same time. I wanted to smack Brody and love him all at once. I wanted to reason with Jason to figure out what he was doing and I wanted to wrap my arms around Bek to let her know it’d be okay.  This story was amazing and added to the series in the perfect way. I can’t wait to see what happens in Holly Woods, Texas in book 7, but I know I also don’t want it to end.

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Twined Bond
Book 7

**4.5 stars**
I'm just going to start out with that the preface doesn't lie and tissues will be needed. I'm fairly sure Emma ripped my heart out with this one from page one, but in a good way of course. I’m sad to see this series end, but I loved how it ended.

Out of all the books, this is one is my favorite. I loved getting to see the growth of Drake and Noelle. Noelle had a moment in the book that made me love her even more than I already did. It was like she had this realization that it’s not just her anymore, she has Drake and without him, life wouldn’t be the same. Watching this was amazing and it showed how much she has grown since the series’ first started and their relationship began.

Drake is still the most patient man I’ve ever met and he shows just how patience he is with Noelle in this book. I think that’s why I love him even more. He truly loves Noelle fiercely and I think Emma did an amazing job at portraying just how much he does love her in this book. You were able to see an emotional side of Drake and it pulled at your heart. You felt for Drake and all the emotions he was feeling. I think this was when I pulled the second box of tissues.

The secondary characters in this book are just as amazing as they were in the others. I love Nonna, hands down I wish she was my Nonna, except she can leave Gio home.  I love the Bond family and I'm so glad we were able to learn and love with them throughout the series.

This book seriously pulled at my heart strings and I couldn’t have asked for a better series end. I love the bond they have; their connection is something fierce and brings so much happiness to them both, which makes it even sweeter. I’m sad to see this series end, but I can’t wait to see what else Emma comes up with. 

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