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[Character Interview] Forfeiting Decency by Rachel Schneider

Title: Forfeiting Decency
Series: Breaking Habits Series
Author: Rachel Schneider 
Genre: New Adult/Suspense Standalone
Release Date: November 4, 2016
“Sleeping with married men doesn’t bother me as much as not having a place to live does.”

Kaley Monroe lived a life of privilege until her father went to prison four years ago and all of her family’s assets were seized by the federal government. Fending for herself, she relied on what comes naturally to her—her beauty. Having sex for money isn’t glamorous or ideal, but it’s manageable. She doesn’t expect life to show her any mercy, and she won't live in ignorance. 
It’s not until Kip Foster is released from prison that her life starts to feel complicated. Somehow, Kip unearths desires in Kaley that she never knew she had. A desire to be more, to feel more, and...to be loved more. However, lies by omission are the most dangerous secrets, and they refuse to remain hidden. 
Sometimes, easy isn't always a choice.

Character Interview with Kaley and Kip

I am beyond excited to have Kaley and Kip here. You all don’t even know how much I love Kip so to have him here is probably the best thing ever. I love you too Kaley, don’t punch me. BUT Kip is amazing. If you weren’t with him he would be mine.

Kip looks hesitantly at Kaley before speaking. “I’m flattered,” he says.
Kaley smirks, a tad proudly. “Yeah, I’m pretty lucky,” she says.

Tanya: So let’s get serious here for a little bit. I am going to ask you some questions. You must answer them. No exceptions. I need more of both of you.

Kip looks uneasy but Kaley’s smile seems to reassure him. 

Tanya: What did you think of each other when you were younger?

“Total dick,” Kaley says, outright smiling.
Kip side eyes her, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “She was a troublemaker, for sure.”

Tanya: What is one thing that attracted you to each other?

Kip looks to Kaley expectantly as she tries to subdue her smile. “Definitely the first time I saw you naked, I saw something then.”
He rolls his eyes, but his smile is telling. “There’s not one thing I can pinpoint,” he says. “She’s beautiful.”
Kaley attempt to visibly hide her blush by not making eye contact.

Tanya: What is your favorite thing about each of your personalities that you most admire about each other and why?

Kip goes first. “She has a way of finding the humor in things. When everything is going wrong, she’s still laughing, even at herself.
Kaley smiles demurely at Kip’s answer. “He’s genuine,” she says. “He is who he is, and he doesn’t try to be something he’s not.”

Tanya: What is the craziest thing you’ve done?

Kip blows out a heavy breath and Kaley’s eyes grow impossibly wide.
“For the sake of not incriminating myself, I’m going to plead the fifth,” Kip says.
“You know what?” Kaley says. “Me too. It’s in the past. Not a very good answer, but imagine something really scandalous.”

Tanya: Kip, I love you. No surprise there, so I want to know what is one lesson that you’ve learned from life.

“Oh, wow. Um…” He rubs his palm across his mouth, leaning further back in his seat. “I’d have to say to always keep your loved one’s close and do what your heart tells you.”

Tanya: Tell me one thing that you don’t like about each other.

“She exaggerates everything.”
“I do not,” she protests. “Kip’s a neat freak. He acts like someone burned his house down if there’s one item of clothing on the floor.”
Kip lift a brow in Kaley’s direction.

Tanya: Tell me, what is one place vacation destination that you must go on?

Kip shrugs. “We like to camp a lot. It’s our go-to getaway. It’s kind of our home away from home.”
Kaley nods in agreement.

Tanya: Kip, how do you feel about Justin?

He smiles for a brief moment before he covers it up. “He’s an alright guy.”

Tanya: Kaley, how do you feel about your past?

“Um, I have to say I’m glad it’s over,” she says, glancing at Kip with a polite smile.

Tanya: Kip, why do you wear bandanas?

He runs his hand across the spot his bandanna usually sits. “Keeps sweat from dripping into my eyes.”
“Really?” Kaley says. “I thought it was a fashion statement.”
Kip gives her a dumb look.
Kaley rolls her eyes. “What was I thinking? You don’t do anything without a purpose.”

Tanya: What is the most interesting thing about your life right now?

“Absolutely nothing,” Kaley says, proudly.
Kip nods. “Life is pretty calm right now and I think that’s how we intend to keep it.”

Tanya: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Kip looks at Kaley expectantly and she busts out laughing. “All in due time,” she says, giving him a meaningful look.
“I’m already middle-aged. I’m almost old enough to be a grandparent.”
“A few more years won’t hurt you,” she says, patting his head like a puppy.
He gives her a soft smile. “But eventually?”

Tanya: What was the hardest thing about prison for you Kip?

“The lack of food.”
“And toilet paper,” Kaley chimes in.
He nods once. “That too.”

Tanya: Kaley, do you regret anything?

“Oh, I regret lots,” she says. “But I’m at a point where I can acknowledge that I sucked at life, and I still suck at life, just drastically less than I used to.”
“Will you stop saying you suck at life?” Kip says.
“Well, don’t I?”
He wavers for a moment before deciding on how he want to reply. “You’re life challenged.”
Kaley rolls her eyes. “Code word for suckage.”

Bonus questions:

Apples or oranges? Kaley, “Apples.” Kip agrees.

On top or under? Kip isn’t fazed by the question, but he looks to Kaley. She smiles with a small shrug. “Both?”

Favorite color? Kaley, “Blue.” Kip, “I don’t have one.”

Favorite hobby? Kip, “I think I can speak for the both of us and saying biking or being outdoors in general.” Kaley smiles in agreement. 

Pencils or pens? Kip, “As long as I can write with it, I don’t care.”

Favorite Sport? Kip, “Football.” Kaley,” I guess football since I’m forced to endure it so much.”

Favorite food? “Bananas foster cupcakes,” they say in unison.
Forfeiting Decency is heart stopping and raw. Rachel Schneider gives us a book about two characters, Kip and Kaley, that have had a history together, which has neither been easy or unemotional. Rachel Schneider just created brilliance with Forfeiting Decency in all of its rampant emotions, anxiety ridden plot, and silent but strong passion fueled love. No other story has made me feel this way and this book has now become a favorite of mine this year. The characters had so much hidden complexity that I was feeling their every thought. 

Forfeiting Decency had me feeling unhinged with need, want, and passion for Kip. Kip is everything to me and he is MINE. Mine, I tell you. I didn’t know that I would fall this hard for him. In book 1, Taking Mine, I saw some good characteristics in him but I just never really connected with him as a book boyfriend. BUT boy was I wrong. Rachel you outdid yourself with this one. He is amazing and real and a complete heartthrob. Everything that came out of his mouth, and even his facial expressions, had me wanting to jump him. He did everything right and everything about him just felt humble. The way he loved was silent but he loved harder than words can describe. 

Kaley wasn’t my favorite and I am so jealous that she has memories with Kip. She has flaws, lots of them. She is not likeable but at the same time she is so unlikeable that she makes you like her. That makes no sense at all but it will once you read it. She just has this air about her that drives you insane with wanting to make her see the light. Her mistakes are real and I love that she accepts them and after so much going on in her life she owns up to them. That is the thing I admire most about her. Even though she made me angry, I know she did the right thing. By the end, I felt connected to her and I understood everything.

Another incredible part of this book was that I was able to get more Justin and Lilly, from book 1. I can’t tell you how much I missed them and seeing them in this book just stole my breath away. They were adorable together. Though I was angry at Lilly. She just made me angry. Her interactions were Kaley made my heart hurt. I understood it but I wanted to defend Kaley. She really had very few on her side and I wanted to stand up for her, but I got everything. I knew that words needed to be said and I am glad they were spoken.

This love story isn’t like any other. Kip and Kaley are different than any other characters I have ever read. Their love felt true and deep. Real and understanding. Desperate yet needed. Even though not a lot was expressed I felt it leap through the pages. The unspoken words were the strongest in this epic love. I have never read a love story with so much quiet love but overflowing depth. I don’t even know how best to describe Forfeiting Decency because this is a story you need to read to be able to understand it’s meaning. I just love this story so much. 

About Rachel Schneider 
Rachel Schneider is from a small town in South Louisiana. When she's not replying sarcastically to her husband or trying to sneak in cuddles with her daughter, she's writing about life, love, and things unexpected. But let's be real...she's probably on Facebook. Her debut novel, Taking Mine, is currently available on Amazon, and her second novel, Forfeiting Decency, releases November 4, 2016.


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