Tuesday, June 28, 2016

[Review] Faithfully Shattered by Nicole Munick

When a car accident takes the lives of her parents and spares her, Adalyn Weaver is devastated, depressed and wanting nothing more than to join her parents. Just as she’s on the brink of letting everything go Luca Brooks shows up taking an interest in Adalyn and making it his mission to help her heal. Just as Adalyn begins to get her life on track her house is ransacked by a group of people looking for her father’s research regarding a secret project he was working on just before he died and they’re willing to kill for it. Adalyn finds out that the death of her parents may have not been an accident at all and Luca may be the key to what happened that night but the truth may destroy them both.

Faithfully Shattered is a book that will make you want more Luca. He is the perfect mysterious and all around bad boy that readers always fall for. Since the beginning I questioned his intentions, but as always I quickly fell for the way he was there for Adalyn and the way he would protect her. Luca just knows how to warm your heart. 

Faithfully Shattered was very well written and I liked the voice of Adalyn. She had been through so much heartache that she was just suffering. It was so sad but I am glad that Luca was there. Adalyn grew throughout the book and that is one thing that I really liked. She did have her difficult moments but they were acceptable. The book wasn't rushed and I appreciate that. I am glad that Adalyn was angry and that it took her time to finally open up. This is how it's supposed to be. 

The problem I had was that I knew where this books was going, since the beginning I had an idea, but it took long to get there. That is one thing that I disliked. I didn't want predictable but I felt it was. I also wanted to feel more of the characters emotions. But other than that I think that this book was great. I really enjoyed the characters interactions and the way that it moved forward.

I am so ready for the next book because I need to find out more. There are still so many secrets that I need to find out! I need to know more about Adalyn and Luca. The ending was were all the action was and I loved that! It makes me anticipate book two even more. Faithfully Shattered was just the beginning, I am ready for more of these characters and their story. 

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