Monday, May 15, 2017

[Review] Untouched Perfection

They say a soulmate only comes along once. I believe it, too. I had my chance, but it slipped away. Each day a little more of myself dies, but I pretend I’m fine.
That is until I see him—the man who makes me feel alive—Garrick Shaw.
Something within me changes. It’s unavoidable and unlike anything I’ve ever known. And it scares me, terrifies me.
But there’s another danger lurking around the corner. Someone is conspiring to take it all away.
Who are they?
What do they want?
Why are they after me?
Only time will reveal what’s really going on. Hopefully, Garrick and I survive the fallout.

Untouched Perfection by Kristin Mayer has this vibe about it that gets you hooked from the very beginning. I knew it would be romance, but I FELT something happening. I knew it would be deeper and more interconnected than just romance. It gave me this dangerous vibe throughout the book and I was so intrigued by it.

The book starts off with this sadness and it impacted me with all the feels with the prologue. It hit me hard. I was a mess and it hurt my heart. As I moved I got to know Knoah more and more. Her past was beautiful yet incredibly sad. This story is told in her POV. Knoah is a strong character but things happened in her life and it made her lose her passion. I saw her strength and courage grow. I saw her come alive. It took one person to get her to live.

Garrick took one look at Knoah and he knew she was going to be more than just another woman in his life. He couldn’t get her off his mind so he pursued her. It was a slow beginning, but the romance starts quick. Garrick goes after what he wants and Knoah is scared of pursuing romance. When Garrick went after Knoah I fell in love with him. He was so dedicated and patient. I absolutely love him.

Untouched Perfection just blew my mind! Kristin Mayer gave me the love but she also gave me the suspense and my heart was beating wildly by the time I finished this book. I am dying and so in need of the next book. I can’t wait to see where Kristin Mayer will take the story.

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