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Chelsey Young's dad was a rock star. Glamorous, right? But late nights, frequent travelling, and watching endless women rub their bodies against Lukas Young's in a bid for his attention wasn't exactly how Chelsey planned to spend her senior year of high school. So when Kye Burke, of the ultra-sexy band Dirty B, sets his sights on Chelsey, she figures the best way to get him off her back is by taking his sexy butt to bed. But after one night together, Kye has no intention of staying away from Chelsey, especially when she's kissing him one minute then pushing him away the next. From watching her father, Chelsey knows the rock star lifestyle that Kye leads—being away for long stretches of time, girls throwing themselves at him on the regular, shirtless photos showing up in his inbox ten times a day. She wants no part of it. Kye is determined for Chelsey to get to know him, the real him behind the rock star persona. But that isn't so easy when Kye's schedule will take him away for days, weeks, even a month or two at a time, which is a dealbreaker for Chelsey. Long distance means temptation to stray, and infidelity was the reason her own parents split. She knows it's not fair to project her own insecurities onto Kye, but some things are unavoidable. But Kye Burke isn't Lukas Young. And, distance or not, he's going to damn well prove it.
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My Thoughts

Dirty Tricks was an amazingly sweet and heartfelt book with a surprisingly sweet Kye Burke. With this book he is no longer a mystery. I know Kye Burke inside and out! Being inside his heat was incredible. A side to him we never got to see is uncovered. Dirty Tricks is a great end to the Burke brothers. I am going to miss them but this book gave me everything I needed to keep them close to my heart. 

Kye, the last single and the most mysterious Burke brother; I sure wasn't expecting what I got. Since the beginning Kye has been present in every book. I saw him push his brothers with a little bit of jealousy to get them to make a move on their girl. He made it would work. He was the friendthat the girls needed. He was easy to talk to and he was there for his brothers girlfriends when they needed him. When it was finally his turn, I thought he was going to be the biggest player and the hardest to catch. Oh, but what a surprise he was! Kye turned out to be the sweetest and most vulnerable of the Burke boys. He was a delicious surprise. I connected with him and his beautiful dirty tricks. He is a smooth one! He is now my favorite Burke brother. It was hard not to love him and his adorableness. 

"You have the biggest heart out of all of them, and think of it this way: 
cocks stop working long before hearts do."

Chelsey has been around in the other books too. All her friends scored with one of the Burke bothers, so she was involved. We also saw her little love affair with Kye start in the previous book and it was quite a surprise. These two couldn't much stand each other. Chelsey is a very real girl. Her persona is strong and she says what is on her mind. In her POV we get exactly that, a very strong character. She has a guarded past because her horrible father led her to believe that all musicians were horrible cheating human beings that cheated and left their wives to go bang anything that walks. Because Kye is so famous, and he is in a band, she doesn't want to get involved with him. She believes that he will eventually end up like her father. She wants to be spared the heartache. 

"He's my poison, but I kiss him like he's my oxygen."

Gosh! I just went through all my highlights and I fell in love with Kye all over again. He is a gentleman. He is sweet and the way he feels pours off with the words he says. Some of his POV is absolutely beautiful. He captures your attention. He makes you feel the way he feels. He makes you love him. It is absolutely incredible. It feels like he is right in front of me, talking to me. He speaks about Chelsey with so much passion, dedication, and love that it is astounding. It makes me want my own Kye! Even Chelsey know how dangerous just one kiss can be!

"The kiss is head-spinning and heart-pounding, and as my blood pumps hotly around my body in a way that has every inch of me on fire, i know exactly why we can never be. It's because of this. It's because his kiss says a thousand things and promised each and every one of them with a ferocity words could only dream of. It's because his kiss is so fucking consuming."

So this is how it goes; Kye pursues and Chelsey tries to avoid. That is hard to do in a small town. Also, the dirty little tricks that Kye pulls on Chelsey are very sly and this allows them to get close. I love that Kye doesn't give up and he goes after what he wants. He would melt my heart with his words and his feelings, as well as his actions. I loved that he didn't play games. He knew what he wanted and that was Chelsey. Chelsey made me a little punchy because she was so stubborn! What is it with these girls! It's Kye Burke! Let him love you!! 

"Kye Burke is edging his way into my life in a way that's like a termite inching its way through a wooden beam. That's it. He's like my very own termite. That probably isn't the best analogy, though, as termites are sneaky little bastards who are nearly impossible to stop, aren't they?"

I was mushy at times, frustrated, in awe, and very much in love with Kye Burke. This was beautifully written and it was worth my lack of sleep. This was very much one of the most anticipated books of 2016. Once it landed on my kindle I jumped on it. I was ready to meet Kye Burke and you need to meet him too! The best part of this was the epilogue where the amazing Emma Hart shared a little piece of the Burke's with us. It was lovely! Now, it's going to be hard letting go but I am happy with the outcome. The only one missing is Leila Burke, the only sister! She is going to get a novella and I am so excited for that! So now that I have told you all of this go get your Burke on!

"Time is something you'll never get back. Live in the second and don't worry about anytime past right now, because for all you know, something amazing could be waiting for you."

About Emma Hart

By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to two beautiful little monsters. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of whatever she fancies - usually wine - and writes books.
Emma is working on Top Secret projects she will share with her followers and fans at every available opportunity. Naturally, all Top Secret projects involve a dashingly hot guy who likes to forget to wear a shirt, a sprinkling (or several) of hold-onto-your-panties hot scenes, and a whole lotta love.
She likes to be busy - unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas come to life.

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