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Screwed Blog Tour

Release Date: September 15

I have one rule: Don’t shit where you eat.

Several of the women in the condo complex I own would love some one-on-one playtime, and why wouldn’t they? I’m young, fit, attractive, and loaded. Not to mention I’m packing a sizable bulge below the belt. It’s a combination that drops panties on a regular basis. 

Yay, me, right?

But my cock, troublemaker that he is, has been confined to my trousers by my business partner. A concession I agreed to, and one that’s never been hard to enforce until Emery moves in across the hall. She’s smart, young, determined, and sexy as hell. I want a taste. I won’t stop until I’m buried deep inside the succulent new-in-town brunette.

After being warned about my past, she does her best to steer clear, but I’m about to show her that underneath it all, I’m a guy with a heart of gold and a cock of steel.

My name is Hayden Oliver, and this is my story.

SCREWED is standalone romantic comedy by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Kendall Ryan.
Screwed is addicting. It has you wanting to know what will happen with Hayden and Emery with each word they exchange. I kept thinking are they really just friends cuz the way Hayden would speak was hot! I have always loved Kendall Ryan’s books but this one is by far my favorite. I loved the whole idea of the book and I fell in love with Hayden and Emery. They were both so lovable. Well for Hayden being lovable is questionable but he sure is sexy and has fun insinuations.
I especially love that we get to know the thoughts of both of them. It makes the book feel more complete.

I knew Hayden was going to be a player since the beginning of the book but what I didn’t expect was for him to agree with his business partner, Hudson, about not pursuing women. Well he agrees but right away Emery comes in and gets his attention but he listens to Hudson because he wants to keep his promise. I liked that this book had this element because we see so many where the woman stops the guy from being a player but in this one his partner initiates it. I thought that it was different so I liked it.

Emery is a totally smart and a knockout! She is trying to be a lawyer and she works hard. Her life hasn’t been easy. Men have hurt her in the past so she decides to focus on her job when she moves to California for her new internship. I liked her personality and I thought she was just the girl for Hayden. I found it funny how she tries to focus on herself but Hayden soon becomes an important part of her routine.
So Hayden decides to become best friends with Emery. He really has never had a women friend before so no one believes in him. They become really close really fast. They do a lot of things together and it soon becomes a nice little friendship but they have a lot of sexual attraction towards each other. I liked that they tried to become friends but will that turn into something more? You must read this book to find out! It is a nice quick read.
About The Author:
Kendall Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, including Hard to Love, Unravel Me, Resisting Her and When I Break.
She's a sassy, yet polite Midwestern girl with a deep love of books, and a slight addiction to lipgloss. She lives in Minneapolis with her adorable husband and two baby sons, and enjoys hiking, being active, and reading.
Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras

"Tell me more about you," Emery asks, leaning in toward me.
"What do you want to know?"
"Enlighten me." She shrugs.
Leaning back in my seat, I cross my ankles. "My job is pretty much my life, and I love what I do. Taking an old rundown building and turning it into luxury units that rent for top dollar is awesome. It never gets old. I love seeing the transformations."
"That's amazing." She nods. "What else ... surely there has to be more to you than just work."
"You want to know something deep, huh?"
She nods, eager.
I think about it for a second, and memories of my checkered past flash through my brain. But rather than watch her expression turn to one of sympathy when she learns my past, I'd rather see her face light up with a smile. "Blow jobs are my spirit animal."
She rolls her eyes at me, but laughs.
Mission accomplished.
“You seem normal enough. What in the hell did you do to piss off Roxy?” She chuckles as she says this, and suddenly all the blood in my veins turns to ice water.
I scrub a hand across the back of my neck. “Roxy and I . . . it’s a long story, and not one I care to discuss right now.”
She pouts. “Fine. Regardless of your history with Roxy, you didn’t deny what she told me about you.”
“What exactly did she say?” Now I’m actually curious.
She shrugs, playing with the long strands of hair from her ponytail that rest on her shoulder. “She just warned me to stay away from you. Told me about your man-whore background.”
“Well, your virtue is safe. I made a deal with my business partner. No more sleeping with tenants.” I’m not sure why I’m telling her this, maybe because it’ll be easier to enforce the friends-only rule I’ve set for myself if she knows that she’s off-limits to me.
“So sleeping around in general is still fine?” There’s a mocking tone to her voice.
“Absolutely. This will be just friends.” I gesture between us. “Unless, you naughty girl, you’re trying to tempt me.” I give her a flirty wink.
She frowns and shakes her head. “Not a chance in hell. I told you. I’m done with men, and you, Hayden Oliver, by all accounts are a piece of shit.”
“Excuse me?” I cock an eyebrow at her.
“I’ve dated guys like you before. And I classify all men who think with their dicks under S for Shitty.”
“I do think with my cock on a regular basis, so I can’t argue with you there. But he’s so much more fun than my brain.”
This gets a small smile from her, and my heart beats just a little faster.
“Seriously, why would I take a chance on you and have my heart broken again?”
“Because I have a nine-inch cock and I know where the G-spot is?”

Her cheeks turn pink, belying her cool, confident tone. “Tempting, but not good enough.”

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