Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[Review] Finding You by Kelly Elliott

If Grace Johnson knew one thing at all, it was that all men were dirt bags. 

All men … except Noah. 

“I was lost in his eyes. Lost in his tears. My goal was to pull him out of the darkness … if even if it dragged me in as well.” 

If Noah Bennet knew one thing at all, it was he needed Grace Johnson. 

Needed her … desperately. 

“My pain was pulling me under … she was my only saving grace.” 

Grace is willing to put everything on the line to help bring back the man she is hopelessly in love with. Even if it costs her the future she’s been longing for. 

“If finding you means losing a part of me … I’ll do it.” 

Finding You is book 4 in the Love Wanted in Texas series. 

5 out of 5 stars

"I wanted to wake up every morning with you wrapped in my arms. I want to see your beautiful smile each night when I lay my head on the pillow. Hear you breathing next to me." -Noah

I think I have read every Kelly Elliott book out there. Can you tell I love her? Her books just remind me of home and why I love country so much. Finding you was raw and real. I didn't expect it to be this way. From all her books I felt like this book had more real elements. It had problems and issues that hurt my heart. It was nice to see this because it made the story so real to me.

I have been waiting for Noah and Grace's story for so long! Ever since they ran into each other in the first book (Wanted) I needed to know their story. I knew Grace had issues with commitment because of her first boyfriend and I knew she thought Noah was married! So to know what she thought broke my heart. Thought the other books Grace had some run ins with Noah but through most of them I could feel her sadness pour from the pages right into my heart. Kelly Elliott did an amazing job building this character and this story. She was preparing us since the very beginning. It was not easy to read because sometimes Noah hurt your heart.

Noah, sweet Noah, was unbelievable in the beginning. He seemed like the perfect man but then some heartbreaking news is revealed and it literally hurt me. It was so sad and he was in darkness but he choose to try to pull out for Grace. Grace was so brave and strong to endure all of Noah's moods during his rough road. I loved her even more for this. She stuck with him to try and help him. It was incredible to watch their journey together.

I loved this book even though it broke my heart at times. It came together so well, and I loved seeing the other characters as well. I love and find it so funny is that the guys always fear meeting the parents of their girlfriends. Seeing Jeff and Noah was hilarious! What I am really excited for is the next book that will include Grayson and Meagan! For sure that one is going to be interesting... 

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