Friday, June 30, 2017

[Review] Darkness Matters by Jay McLean

Title: Darkness Matters
Author: Jay McLean
Release Date: June 27, 2017
Format: eBook

It’s the same old story, really. Good versus evil. Heroes versus villains. Light versus dark. For two years, college freshman Noah Morgan lived his life somewhere in the middle, fighting darkness and light, always searching for answers to a single question:Why, Noah, why?The same three words keep him up at night, struggling for air while gripping a plastic cylinder containing white pills to match the white label with his name printed in ink as deep and dark as his memories—memories that turned him into a recluse. A shut-in. An introvert.Luckily for him, that’s not how the girl next door sees him.

**4.5 Stars**

There are so many different things I could say when I think about this book. First let me say the way Jay's mind works and lets multiple characters talk to her at once is amazing. She nailed every single one of these characters, I seriously can't stop thinking about them. I love a good Jay book, but this one? Oh man. I couldn't put it down. I had to know what was going to happen. I had to follow all the twisty spins you go on. I was sucked in from page one clear to the very end. I didn't see what was coming. I wasn't prepared for it. All I know is darkness matter. It will always matter.

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