Friday, June 16, 2017

[Review] Buns by Alice Clayton

Title: Buns 
Series: The Hudson Valley Series, Book 3
Author: Alice Clayton
Release Date: May 23, 2017
Format: eArc
Clara Morgan is living the dream, if you can call rebranding hotels that are desperate for a new life and running any kind of marathon a dream. Which she does. But the career she loves and the endurance races that keep her adrenaline pumping have kept her too busy to put down any roots. Growing up in foster care, she’s never been able to establish traditions of her own, which may be why she’s fascinated by the rituals that generations-old family resorts are known for. She’s especially interested in the Bryant Mountain House, and not just for their secret recipe for the yummy, gooey, can’t-get-enough-of Hot Cross Buns….
Archie Bryant, the man with the Buns, is fifth generation and one-day-owner of the charming yet run-down Bryant Mountain House in Bailey Falls, New York. He’s determined to save his family’s legacy from the wrecking ball the old-fashioned way—by gritting his teeth and doing what needs to be done. There’s no way Archie will be influenced by the new hotel branding expert his father brought in to turn one hundred and fifty years of tradition on its head just to attract a faster, younger, slicker crowd. But when some of Clara’s ideas start bringing in new, paying customers, Archie can’t deny that she may have just given him a shot at keeping his resort open.
It’s sticky, it’s messy, it’s sweet, it’s Buns.
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**4.5 Stars**
Oh this book. I loved the other two in this series so I was completely excited for Clara's story. What I wasn't prepared for was Archie. I loved Archie. Archie was so completely swoony. When you first meet him you're kind of like whoa, you're a jerk, but the more you read the more you love him.
Clara and Archie didn't get along at first but holy attraction. It's there, you can feel it as you read it. The more time they spent together the stronger the chemistry and attraction is. I seriously loved how they challenged each other but what I loved even more was how they complimented each other. Watching how they interacted with each other and how they fit so well together. They healed each other and that was just what they needed.

I loved all the words Alice gave us and I secretly hope this isn't the end of Hudson Valley.

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