Saturday, November 28, 2015

[Review] Hope is Lost by Emma James

Keanu Lee, the funny man, finds himself on the sticky end of a night out with his best friend Levi. Keanu's life is about to take another unexpected, sharp turn. New friends will be found under the most unique circumstances.
Hope Walker is a lost soul, and Ajax, the street performer, is her unspoken protector. Together, they survive the streets of Ocean Beach.
Life has a way of righting wrongs when you least expect it.
Come join this sexy crew as they show you that, even though life may take from you, it can also give back when you least anticipate it.
The Ocean Beach series continues with the brotherhood, passion, and laughter you have grown to love, and through the eyes of these survivors, you will realize love can truly heal.
The past will never be forgotten, but there is hope if you just allow yourself to have a little faith.
*Reader Note*
This novel contains strong sexual content for the mature 18+ reader.

Click here or the image for the review of A Little Faith, Book One in Men of the Ocean Beach Series

A Little Faith (Book One): AMAZON 
Hope Is Lost (Book Two): AMAZON

My Thoughts

Just like my review of the first book in the Men of Ocean Beach Series this too will be a little vague because I can't share everything. You have to experience it for yourself. Note that these books have multiple POV and this is what makes them so special and great. The first book consisted with a lot of explaining and detail and Retro. Now this one focuses on Keanu. Oh Keanu you make my heart beat! He is one of my favorites but I love them all. Keanu has a personality that is absolutely amazing! The puns he says and the T-Shirts that him and Levi make are fun. I love that nothing can bring him down. He has so much love and forgiveness in him.

Let me name all the possible guys you could love. Here is a list:
Retro- Says it like it is and has a lot of love in him. He knows how to treat a girl right!
Keanu- Amazing and makes you laugh. He is something special.
Levi- Have not heard much from him but his book is coming up next! Oh the excitement!
Harley- Overprotective hunk. Enough said.
Jase- Oh Jase! You are one silent, sweet, brooding, manly guy! I absolutely love him!
Faith- Yeah, yeah, I know she is not a guy but she is a big part of this book so she gets her own little description. She is great and I am glad she finally rejoined the crew and I like the part she will have in the following books. I am most excited about her love story. Well, small lie, I am excited for them all.

So now that you know all the guys in this book you can choose for yourself who you love more! Which is near impossible. Anyway, back to Keanu. In this book a lot of things happened that were unexpected. Keanu has a little inconvenience but all is well in the end. He also does something unexpected that made me fall even more in love with him. His words and that sweetness about him swoon worthy.

The book introduces more about people we just barely got a glimpse of in the first book and some brand new characters. I really don't have much else to say except that book has really made me count down the days for Joy is Found, the next book that will be release soon.

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