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City In Embers (Collector #1)

Goodreads Description
Zoey Daniels has been tossed from foster home to foster home, where she grows up fast and tough. When she is placed in her “last-chance” home, she finds a reason to stay and turn her life around: her foster sister, Lexie, who is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Zoey will do anything to keep her safe. After high school, Zoey is hired by a special government agency, the Department of Molecular Genetics (DMG), where she meets the other reason to remain: Daniel, her co-worker. The man she loves.

But there is something unique about Zoey. She can see fae. Because of this, the DMG hires her to work as a Collector: catching, researching, testing, and using the fae to save human lives. The work never registers on her sympathy radar. She was raised to think of fae as beasts that feed on humans and want to destroy them.

When devastation hits Seattle, Zoey's whole world is turned upside down. The electric storm connects her to a ruthless fae, a Wanderer named Ryker, whose dealings expose them to even more trouble and danger. They embark on a journey, running and hiding from both the government and fae, both of which threaten their lives and those they love.


4.5 out of 5 stars

Boom! Pow! Bam! This book was nonstop action from beginning to end. I really mean it. Just when you think the main character, Zoey, is safe and nothing more can shock you WHAM! Something knocks you off balance. I found myself sweating (figuratively) during certain scenes and by the time I finished the book I had a knot in my shoulder from the stress (literally) I endured by living vicariously through the character. City In Embers pulled off the various twists and turns so well. The paranormal aspect of this book makes it so much more deliciously better too. So definitely look forward to having your heart race and the 101 mini heart attacks this book has to offer. Not to mention this book also has its many moments of absolute hilarity. It just had a wonderful tie in of all things that make a book awesome.

Something else this book had was pain, so much pain. I seriously can’t imagine going through anything Zoey Daniels has gone through. The thing I really liked about it is that Ms. Brown makes Zoey so resilient and someone we can all look up to. She is definitely one tough cookie. Think of it this way, if I was her I’d probably be in a corner somewhere rocking back and forth quietly drowning in my own tears. No joke, I felt her pain emanate through my body every time she revealed more about herself, or when she remembered certain people. Zoey has been tortured by her past, but the thing I find most admirable about her is that she still manages to let herself love someone every time. She might want to seem hardened, but really she just wants someone to love her in return. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating her though; she can kick some serious butt. City In Embers left off on a major cliffhanger so I will be the first one counting down the days until the release of the second book. I am so looking forward to it. Go out and get your copy of City In Embers as soon as it releases!

"By now I was well aware they were not as ethical as they once appeared. Or maybe my ethics were changing."

Purchase on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1A7JKkD

Stacey Marie Brown is a lover of hot fictional bad boys and sarcastic heroines who kick butt. She also enjoys books, travel, TV shows, hiking, writing, design, and archery. Stacey swears she is part gypsy, being lucky enough to live and travel all over the world.
She grew up in Northern California, where she ran around on her family's farm, raising animals, riding horses, playing flashlight tag, and turning hay bales into cool forts. She volunteers helping animals and is eco-friendly. She feels all animals, people, and environment should be treated kindly.

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  1. First of all, omg that cover I am in love!!!! But yay for action packed stories and strong heroines. Lovely review! I'll definitely add this to my tbr :D


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