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Atlantis Rising Book Tour

Atlantis Rising

Release Date: 01/06/15
Entangled Teen
352 pages

Summary from Goodreads:
I am different. I have always been different, but no one can know or my life will be in danger. So I hide in plain sight, wearing drab clothes and thick glasses and trying to be invisible. I’m so good at hiding, no one has ever noticed me. Until Ian…the mysterious and oh-so-cute boy I know I need to avoid.

Now I have been seen. And more terrifying still, I am wanted—by those who would protect me and those who would destroy everything and everyone I love. But if they’re all terrified about who I am, wait until they see what I can do…

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4 out of 5 stars 

“We are sometimes at our strongest when we don’t have the luxury of over thinking things.”

This book was published by Entangled Teen, so of course it had to be good! Atlantis Rising was unlike any book I have ever read. The cover, although very beautiful, is a bit misleading. Yes, we all know the story of Atlantis, the underwater city that disappeared centuries ago where it is said mermaids live, but we get a different story from our main character. I don’t want to talk about their capabilities without giving too much away, but I will say this, they are most definitely no mermaids. What Alison is, is a completely different species. I love how the author mixes the myth of Atlantis into a more realistic theme relating to this century.

Alison is a curious character. She has always known that she was different and that she had some real power. Alison is adopted, and she knows it. The poor doll spent most of her early life bouncing from one foster home to another, until she was found by her current family, whom she completely adores. Three years before she discovered exactly what she was. In order to protect her family, she blends in and aims to be unseen by people who want her dead. Alison has a really big heart and she wants only to protect the people she loves. She is doing a good job at remaining hidden that is until Ian and Brandi stroll into her life. They are different, maybe just like her kind of different.  I love the fact that Ms. Craw dives deep into Alison’s life, but of those characters around her as well. 

This book was not what I was expecting, but it was a good surprise. Kind of like when you order a dress online and it finally arrives and it fits WAY better than you ever expected it to. I seriously enjoyed this book so much! I am not sure if this book is part of a series, but I can definitely see the potential for it to turn into more than a standalone book. I recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a bit of a surprise.


About the Author
Gloria Craw grew up in the desert southwest, inspired every day by the wide skies and rich colors around her. After high school, she attended the University of Utah where she majored and got a degree in anthropology. These days, she lives in the ‘burbs’ just outside of Seattle, Washington where she is the shepherd of a husband, four daughters and a very hairy dog. 

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