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Top Ten Books of 2015

This year has been a great year in the book world. So many amazing books came out this year and I have met many new authors, devouring their books/series in days. I am going to try to narrow my list down to 10 book but I will add some honorable mentions because I NEED to. The books I choose are worthy of being on this list and I recommend them for sure. I was torn apart and I broke down in tears with these books. I was healed and saved by some. The new book boyfriends I met deserve to be  swooned over. So let's start this list before I go off on a tangent.



This book is everything to me. Everything. It deserves to be number one. I was saved by this book. It is still hard for me to process and I talk more about it in my feature Midnight Monday. I just looked back at my post and I just bawled my eyes out. It was a very emotional and personal post for me. My person, my everything, just passed away recently. Stupid cancer. You are the blackest of black but you can't take my red memories away from me. I don't think I can talk more about this because it becomes too hard but you can go to Midnight Monday and find that post. I explain things there.

Back to the book. The writing in this book is so great and the things that happen on this book are a great journey. So much sadness is seen on Blake and Chloe's journey but their is also hope and love. This book #turnsmyworldred!

Book Boyfriend: Blake. Blake, is everything that you want a boy to be. He is strong and supportive. He is sweet and he is there for Chloe. "Blake Hunter–he was my change." This quote explains a lot. Chloe needed Blake. He literally was her change. It was a tough process but he helped her through everything. He makes my heart beat. "I cried. I hurt. I healed." This was exactly what the book does to your heart. I'll stop gushing about Blake and I will just show you through quotes why this book, and Blake, deserve number one book and number one book boyfriend.

"If I could dream the same dream a million times over, 
it would be you–you wold be my last kiss, my last breath."

"You're my unexpectedly phenomenal, Chloe. 
You're my red-letter day."

"Love me when I least deserve it, 
because that is when I need it the most." 

"You can run, you can hide, you can choose not to see, 
but where the road takes you will always lead to me."

"Then he pulled me into him–the heat of his bare chest against my back. 
His hold was tight. So tight I almost couldn't breathe. 
But that was fine–because in this moment, 
all I needed was Blake." 

I know, I know, I went a little overboard with the quotes, but sue me, Blake and Chloe deserve it! They are after all number one, so they get as much as I want to write. One more final thing, the magnets were brilliant Jay McLean!

If you want to check out my thoughts on this book, just click here: My Review


Stop! is incredible. It is so much more than romance. It deals with hard subjects and it deals with bullying. The message and content in this book is powerful. One of the most powerful messages in a book that I have ever read. Alison G. Bailey did so great. I have two boys that deserve recognition, but for very different reasons. I won't be much help in describing things for this book because I will not spoil the massage or the meaning.

Risher: Risher is my man! He is perfect. Since the very first time they ran into each other I fell in love with him. His easy demeanor, courage, and acceptance was amazing. Plus look at that picture of him!! He is so yummy looking.That is exactly what I picture Risher looking like in my imagination.

Benton: He deserves the most recognition. I have never met anyone as strong and beautifully written as this character right here. It is more than just him, it is what he stands for. Benton put up with a lot of things. To me he is the main character in the book. He far surpasses everything. This book is more than a romance book. Don't expect that to be everything because it is not. More powerful things brew in this book. Important things that will make you realize things that you haven't thought of before. Benton you will always be important.

"There are times when life presents you with turning-point opportunities. So are huge events beyond your control that force you to change. Then there are smaller events, the name calling and the hateful taunting, making fun of your differences."

"You're even more beautiful than you were five minutes ago, 
five hours ago, five days ago, or even five weeks ago 
when I first laid eyes on you."

Read my review here: Stop!


First off, never has such a book been worthy of such a strong and heart-stopping cliffhanger. But this book was worthy of that ending. As much as it hurt it needed to be done. Even with the cliffhanger, it is beyond worthy of being read. Do not let the ending scare you. I think it is this way because it is meant to be shattering. I am beyond ok with that. More is to come, and this is what makes me excited. This book was different and it was more heartbreaking than I thought it would be. I have so much to say but yet I don't want to say anything! This book hurt me. It took me on a very painful emotional ride. Moment swere shared. Memories created. Hearts shattered. You get the drift. It was heartbreak, but the moments of happiness could overpower that at times. All you have to do is kick, push, coast.

Josh: He is the best dad ever. He is a single dad and I have never loved one as much has I have loved Josh. The way he cares for his son? Heart-stopping. He dedicates his whole life, his whole existence to that sweet boy of his. Because of this, he makes girls hearts start beating wildly. This will be you if you read this book. And then the way he loves is beautiful. I can't say enough good things about Josh.
For a look at my review click here: Kick Push

"There are some sacrifices greater than love. And some loves greater than any sacrifice. 
Tommy's greater than both."

"Stop!." she shouts, the fear in her voice causing fear in my heart." 

"Do you have a safe place, Becca? 
I release a shaky breath, but I can't seem to look away. 
"Yes," I whisper. And I hesitate, just for a moment before telling him the truth. "You."


Elude was tormenting. This books is nothing but good. I never realized there was so much depth to Sergio. He was my least favorite character and he quickly became my favorite of all. This book was more than I expected. It gave me a love so strong and a connection that was unwavering. It took some time but quickly nothing but love remained with these two lovely characters. I absolutely adored Andi. She was one of the best females in the mafia. Her personality and her outlook on life were unbelievable. This whole book was amazing.

Sergio: He is really one of the best book boyfriends of all time. The care and the strength he showed to Andi had my eyes leaking happy tears. The way he learned to love her? Beautiful. He did anger me at the beginning, I am not going to lie, but after a while he had my heart. Even now, I am beyond happy with him. The way he loved Andi was so swoon worthy. Everything he did for her was sweet. I love Sergio. I would want him to be my mafia man!

"And I knew if I loved her, if I ever let myself feel; it would destroy me."

"We were quiet, passionate; both of us realizing we were experiencing one of those rare moments in life where words were useless and actions meant everything."

"Andi's megawatt smile nearly toppled me over. I didn't have a chance to fight it off or to put up any walls so it wouldn't spear me directly through the heart. Instead, I was defenseless as the smile wreaked havoc on my heart rate as well as the rest of my body–"

For my review of Elude click here.


Emma Hart really did amazing this year! The Holly Woods File Series has been one of my favorites to read. Tethered Bond has everything I love in a book. The female character, Noelle, has a whole lot of sass and spunk. That makes for a very fun encounter with the sexy Detective Drake Nash. Every time they meet it is explosive. I love that!

Detective Drake Nash: Hot, sexy, alpha. Plus, did I mention he was a detective? That is extremely hot and attractive. He has this authority about him that just captures you. I love that Noelle can handle him. She is feisty and that makes Drake crazy. I love it! The way that he has come to care for her is adorable. Something about this tough detective falling in love equals so much hotness. I would love for him to investigate me! ;)

"There are two ways to get Drake back on my side: sex and this smile. "It's not gonna work, Noelle," he warns me. The twitch of his lips gives him away. Seriously, the man is a terrible liar."

"The smile is gone, and there's nothing but his kiss. It consumes me. It always does. It's like a hurricane and a tornado swirling inside me, washing through me like a tsunami. All sugar obsessions aside, I've never been truly addicted to anything. If I had to pick one thing to be addicted to for the rest of my life, it'd be his kiss."


More Than Enough. This was the most intriguing book I have ever heard of, with the biggest anticipation for it's release! Everyone wanted this book. We were all curious in the book community. So much mystery was killing us all. I am so glad it lived up to its hype. And no, I will still not share with you the name of the woman that Dylan loves. That is for you to find out. One thing I can tell you is that if you have not read this series then you must. It is one of my all time favorites.

The reason this book is so good is because it has hardships and the characters face torments in their lives. I've never read anything like it. This is a beautiful story that will have you feeling six kinds of emotions with one single word. It is that good.

Dylan: Dylan, so hot! Oh my silent brooding man! I love you. He was the silent guy in the group. He was also the most intriguing to me. What little I heard from him in the other books always had me wondering and wanting more. He rarely spoke but when he did, it was amazing. So, much to my surprise, in this book he was a chatterbox. Ok well not that much but way more than the other books. Especially when he talked with his girl. His words were amazing. Everything he said or did was great. His love and the way he cared for his girl was sweet. I have never been happier than when he buys her candles and grants her so many wishes. *happy sigh* I knew that he was going to be incredible! I am extremely happy with Dylan and this book.

"Let me be your alcohol. Let me dull your pain."

" I try to remember the color of her eyes, and the only thing I can come up with is sad. her eyes are the color of sadness."

"There is no emotion greater than fear. No ache greater than grief. No sound greater than silence."

"What are you doing, babe?" he asks. I love that he calls me babe. "Just tinkering with your engine Lance Corporal Banks." "Oh my God," he murmurs, his grin wider than I've ever seen. He steps forward, looking in my eyes, and then he runs the back of his finger across my check. "You got grease on your face, ---insert name of the girl I will not mention---. So fucking hot."

"Each day we spend together, we learn and we laugh and we love more than the last."

Review of More Than Enough


This is Rachel Van Dyken's first paranormal book ever and guess what?! She did an incredible job with it! I have not been this excited about a paranormal book in a really long time. I was so passionate about this book and you can read all my thoughts and read all my gushing in my review here: The Dark Ones. The whole concept of this book was so different and unique. I loved the way the book started. So much mystery and intrigue. It was great. I loved everything about this book.

Ethan: He was a really great guy. He was hard to warm up to at first because he was rude but then as the story moves forward you learn why. His past was not easy. It was sad. As soon as he starts falling for Genesis, everything changes. He is absolutely amazing. Oh and he is a vampire! That is so hot. And the second book just came out recently and Ethan in that book?! HOT! His protectiveness of Genesis is so heart warming.

"What do I taste like?" "Heaven," I said before I could lie. Being honest wither her about her own taste was the least I could do, right? But just admitting it out loud made me want more."

"He kissed me like a man dying of thirst–and maybe he was, maybe it was my blood. Was it wrong to hope it was my smile? Maybe even my dress?"

"You're beautiful, Genesis." I swallowed, placing my hands on the table in front of her. "Immortals would fight wars over you, and not just your face or your hair or the way your smile penetrates to someone's very soul–but because you're good."


Kelly Elliott had a lot of amazing releases this year but I had to go with this one because I love Colt! He is my favorite and since he is the offspring of Gunner, I knew I would love him. This book was great. I knew I would love it. There were a lot of things that were sad in this book but love overcame all. Their love was a struggle especially in the books prior to this one. But I blame Lauren! She was avoiding her affection towards Colt. On the other hand, Colt knew what he wanted. He wanted Lauren. I loved that he was so sure of himself. Y'all absolutely need to check out the character interview I did with these two! It was so adorable and great. Just click here if you want to go to that: Holding You Character Interview and Review.

Colt: This boy can do nothing wrong. He is so perfect. Sometimes a little to perfect. But I love him.
He is a sweetheart. Throughout the book I just felt the love pour out of him. Lauren was always his soulmate. He always knew she was the one. I am glad that he never gave up on her. I will share some quotes and that will help you better understand!

"Colt smiled back, and this time it reached his eyes. They lit up for the first time in weeks, and I loved that it was because of me smiling at him."

"I'm asking you to let me make you mine, Lauren."

I saved myself for you, because I knew the first time  Imade love to a woman, it was going to be wit the woman I loved amore than the air I breathed. My heart wants no other woman but you, Lauren."

"My dreams could never have prepared me for your perfection."


I had been dying to get my hands on this book since I finished the second book to this series, Stone Cold Touch. That book killed me. I needed the third book and I finally got it this year. JLA did not disappoint. This book was everything I wanted it to be and I couldn't be happier with it. I loved this whole series and I am glad with the way it turned out! The surprise elements and all the things I endured throughout these 3 books captured me. I was broken quite a few times but by the conclusion I was happy. There were some really bad things that happened that I am still angry about but overall it was amazing. I don't think JLA could do wrong. She writes amazing books. I am so angry with myself right now! I did not write a review for any of these three books even though I love them! I wanted them to myself haha. Just kidding. But seriously, read them.

Roth: I love him so much! Since the very beginning of this series he was mine. His whole personality drew me to him, especially when he goes alpha and possessive. Even though he is a Demon, he did everything right in my book. The way that he protected Layla and his love towards her, swoon! Going through quotes of Roth and how in love with him I am, I will share some quotes with you, so you can fall in love with him too. I mean how can you not? You would have to be insane not to love Roth. Be prepared. These quotes are everything.

“I, Astaroth, Crown Prince of Hell, am in love with you, Layla Shaw. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. A hudred decades from now, I will still be in love with you, and it will be as fierce today as it will be a decade later.”

“You make me wish I had a soul so I could be worthy of you.”

“Roth lowered his forehead to mine as he brought our joined hands to his chest, placing them above his heart. “And I love you,” he said. “With every breath I take, I will always love you.”

“You are so beautiful, Layla. And if I could pick one thing I could stare at for the rest of eternity, it would be you.”

“Because you're beautiful, Layla, and while I may say that one word to you a lot, I don't simply toss it around. And I've seen many, many beautiful things. People as beautiful as demons are atrocious. You, by far, shine brighter than any of them. It's more than what's on the outside. It comes from within you. I've seen a lot of things and nothing, nothing, comes close to you.”


If you are wondering why it took me so long to write this post, blame this book. And the author. I was writing my post a few days ago but I decided to read Dare To Kiss, the first book in this series. I couldn't put it down because it was so good. It captured my attention and I love the story of Lacey and Kade Maxwell. That is why it took me forever to write this post because I HAD to finish this book. I knew right away that I couldn't not include it on my list. It NEEDED to be here. It deserves to be here. These two books are so good. I fell in love right away. I literally just finished reading this book and I right away set out to write it on my Top Ten list. I am so glad that I discovered this book before the New Year! 

Kade Maxwell: He is a hunk of a man! He is so amazing. The way he protects his bothers and Lacey? It is so sweet and amazing. He carries a lot of weight but the fierceness in him is so hot. The way he commands attention? I love it. I don't even know what else to say other than that you need Kade Maxwell. I can't wait for the next book. I am so excited to have more of him! 

"God I loved that girl. I needed her. She was sunshine. She was my future."

"But I'd learned with Kade that touching was more sensual, more intimate than a kiss. Touching evoked tingles, shivers, butterflies, and a sensual feeling that traveled from head to toe, front to back, and side to side."

"Baby, I would follow you to heaven or hell. I would die for you. You know that."

"His arms sucked me in, his mouth crashed to mine, and he kissed me like I was his next breath. My heart beat a wild cadence as I returned the kiss."

These books also deserve to be mentioned! I had such a hard time choosing but these books also have to be read. There are so many good books out there and I am happy to discover them. I am excited for the new year to come. I am ready to read more amazing books!


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[Surprise Release] Monster Screw by Kendall Ryan


First there was SCREWED. Then there was MONSTER PRICK. Now… … There’s MONSTER SCREW!!!! This brand new boxed set features both New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal mega-bestselling sexy, FUNNY, HOT romances for one low price. Just $2.99 on release day, and $5.99 after. So, are you ready for your MONSTER SCREW??       
About Screwed: I’m young, fit, attractive, and loaded. Not to mention I’m packing a sizable bulge below the belt. It’s a combination that drops panties on a regular basis. Yay, me, right? But my cock, troublemaker that he is, has been confined to my trousers by my business partner. A concession I agreed to, and one that’s never been hard to enforce until Emery moves in across the hall. She’s smart, young, determined, and sexy as hell. I want a taste. I won’t stop until I’m buried deep inside the succulent new-in-town brunette. After being warned about my past, she does her best to steer clear, but I’m about to show her that underneath it all, I’m a guy with a heart of gold and a cock of steel. My name is Hayden Oliver, and this is my story.
 About Monster Prick: Over my dead body. That's what I told Gracie when she informed me of her plan to pick some random guy she met online to get rid of her pesky virginity. If anyone is touching her, it's going to be me. I shouldn't even be considering it, but I can't get it out of my head: her, under me, begging me. *** Arrogant. Cocky. Prick. Those are the words I'd use to describe my older brother's dangerously handsome best friend. When he learned of my plan to kick off my white cotton briefs, ditching my good girl persona once and for all by losing my virginity to the first eligible bachelor I could find, he flipped out. Said over his dead body. He says if anyone's going to do it, it's going to be him. I hate that I'm even considering his offer. But I am ... I sooo am. Ever since he suggested it, all I can think about is his cocky smile on those full lips as he's driving in to me. But if we cross that line ... will I ever be able to go back?   MONSTER PRICK, a sexy romantic comedy, is a spin off novella from SCREWED, but can be read as a standalone, as it features a new couple.

About Kendall Ryan

Kendall Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, including Hard to Love, Unravel Me, Resisting Her and When I Break. She's a sassy, yet polite Midwestern girl with a deep love of books, and a slight addiction to lipgloss. She lives in Minneapolis with her adorable husband and two baby sons, and enjoys hiking, being active, and reading. Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras
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[Release Day and Review] Who We Were by Kelly Elliott

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My Papai always said wine made everything better. Countless times he uttered those familiar words to me— “The Merlot will melt your problems away meu amor. With a good bottle of wine in your hand, you hold the magical key to anything you want.”
I believed my father whole heartily, until my world came crashing down on me at twenty-four years old.
It wasn’t going to take wine to help Brody and I find our way back to one another. It was going to take fighting … not only for our love—
But for my life.

My Thoughts

After reading so many books by Kelly Elliott I think I will run out of things to say. I never do but in this book I was kind of left without thoughts. Only my feelings remained. It was hard to read this book. The things that Brynlee endures were hard to deal with at times because it just made me think of family. 

I loved when Brynlee and Brody met! I thought it was cute and I loved how he saved her from another man's flirting assault. He wasn't doing it for her or me. Brody on the other hand...those dimples! I love dimples. 

"He was looking straight at me as I felt my entire body warm 
just from his stare. Then he smiled. And I died. 
Holy Hell. He has a dimple, my weakness. 
Perfect white teeth. 
Oh crap...there are two dimples."

Brody and Brynlee are quick with their love but Kelly Elliott creates the perfect balance because it doesn't seem rushed. It feels perfect for this couple. They really hit it off right away. Their love is beautiful until two bad things strike. Both of them make me furious but Brody made me angrier. I was so mad at what he did to Brynlee. So mad. He hurt Brynlee so much and that hurt me. She needed him at a time of so much need and he messed up.

Brynlee is so forgiving and kind. I love her fight and her strength. This book will have you mad, angry, sad, but it will also give you love and a reason to keep living. A lot of struggles were seen with this couple the struggle was worth it. The side characters were also amazing. Melanie, Brynlee's sister was amazing and she made me laugh so much. She lightened the book a lot and I loved that. A little bit of romance outside of the main couple is seen and it is perfection. 

Kelly Elliott spoke for her heart when she wrote this book. It felt like her story and she shares that this book is dedicated to her sister. That make it even more special because I felt like she gifted us with a little piece of herself with this book. It was amazing. 

Her eyes met mine, and I swear I’d never felt my stomach twist and turn like that. She was gorgeous. Dark brown hair pulled up neatly on her head, green eyes that danced with excitement, and skin that looked like it had been kissed by the sun. When I accidentally brushed my hand across her shoulder, my entire body caught fire. It only took me a few minutes to get myself back under control so I could speak to her, but the jerk sitting across from her started talking to her. “So, Brynlee, what are you getting your degree in?” he asked. Brynlee smiled politely, but I got the feeling she didn’t want to talk to him. “Business management.” Bingo. My cue. “Really? Same here,” I cut in as I turned to Brynlee. “Well, chemical engineering with a minor in business.” Brynlee turned and looked at me with the sweetest smile. I actually had to concentrate on breathing while I looked at those beautiful bee-stung lips. “Wow, that’s impressive. I wonder if we’ve had any classes together?” Hell no. I’d remember seeing this beautiful creature. “Must not have.” Keeping the grin on her face, she shrugged. “Well, some of those classes were huge. You could have been in the back or something.” I lifted my beer and took a drink as Brynlee’s eyes fell to my lips. Setting my beer back on the table, I gave her a panty-melting smile, ensuring to show my dimples. She seemed to like them. Her breath caught every time she looked at them. “I’m pretty damn sure I’d have noticed you if you were in any of my classes, Brynlee.”

About Kelly Elliott

Kelly Elliott is married to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a knack for making her laugh almost daily and supports her crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason...he claims it's because he loves her! She’s also a mom to an amazing daughter who is constantly asking for something to eat while her fingers move like mad on her cell phone sending out what is sure to be another very important text message. In her spare time she loves to sit in her small corner overlooking the Texas hill country and write. One of her favorite things to do is go for hikes around her property with Gus....her chocolate lab and the other man in her life, and Rose, her golden retriever. When Kelly is not outside helping the hubby haul brush, move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for her that day, you’ll find her inside reading, writing or watching HGTV.

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[Review] Joy Is Found by Emma James

Levi Donovan is best friend and wingman to Keanu Lee. He is also his business partner in Limbitless Tees. (There is a pun in there, folks.) Well, he was wingman, but now Keanu has Hope in more ways than one.

Things are changing for this sexy brotherhood … for the better.
Retro has the love of his life, which has turned him into an overprotective caveman. Keanu is a goner. Text is trying his best not to screw things up with his complicated relationship with Faith—it’s a work in progress. Harley’s ‘spidey’ senses are working overtime. And ... Slade has gone MIA, not that Phoenix cares. Not much, anyway.
Damn Behemoth of a man.
Now the crew and the ever-expanding sisterhood are off to spend Thanksgiving in Cedar Hill, Texas with the people they love. Of course, what should have been a relaxing break away from OB turns into more than Levi bargained for.
When the girl he used to trip in elementary school with the mile-long legs and the ice blue hair crosses his path ... Let’s just say Levi is going to put his best foot forward, much to the amusement of the “inner circle.”
For once, Faith isn’t the one behind all the shenanigans; she has handed that baton over. Now she’s into matchmaking.
Oh, and of course there is that ever-pressing question:
Who is Hudson Raine?

My Thoughts
Emma James is the queen of being unpredictable. I don't think she can throw me anymore surprises or shocks but oh she does! I love that she gives me this shock factor. It makes the book so good. The cliffhangers that she has at the end of her last two books left me completely in awe and disbelief. I needed to know what happened and it made me want the book that much more. I NEEDED Joy Is Found. I needed to know who Ajax was?! That was a complete shocker. I am glad that I know now. Trust me it is not what you think. I was sure I knew what he was hiding but nope, I was wrong. 

I love that the men in these books all have a story. Each of them have something to say. All the POVs in these books are crazy but they work so well! I get to know what is happening in each of their lives. The first book was about Retro and him finding his girl. The second one was about Keanu and his woman. This one is about Levi! Levi had me interested because he didn't have much to say in the past books. Being able to get inside his head in this one was amazing. He really is a sweet guy. I love his confident demeanor. After everything that he has gone through I love that he is proud to be him. I love him that much more for it. What I love even more is that the playboy will fall. 

The girl he falls with is a joy. Lol. Literally Joy. She is a fantastic lady. She has issues with herself but she is such a tough woman. I love her style and her blue hair. I think Emma James did perfect with her character. I am just mad about her past. I understand it but it still hurts. She went through a lot like Levi, and that is why they are so perfect for each other. They connect in the best ways. They work together perfectly. I am so excited for then next book and I am also so glad that Emma James didn't give us that big of a cliffhanger. I was expecting a big one but glad she refrained because my heart couldn't handle it! Up next, Harley! Oh that boy. I wonder who he will fall for! After the whole brother fiasco I am hoping he finds a good one. Until next time! 
Links to The Men Of Ocean Beach Series
A Little Faith - Book 1: Amazon
Hope Is Lost - Book 2: Amazon
Joy Is Found - Book 3: Amazon
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[Review] Progress by Amalie Silver


I admit, I didn’t think much of Charlie at first. She was rounder than the girls who usually caught my eye. Not my type. But when I saw her sitting in that booth alone, for the first time something in my mind or my instincts or my heart told me to join her.
She defied me.
She challenged me.
She gave me hope.
Before I knew it, moving forward was my only option.


I couldn’t tell you when it happened, but it had to have been a gradual change; I never moved too quickly.
If someone would have told me earlier that year what I was going to go through, I wouldn't have believed them.
Jesse was so different from anyone I’d met before. And everyone I’ve met since. He sucked all the life out of me, in the best—and worst—ways.
We don’t get strong overnight. For most of us it takes time. Strength isn’t measured by how high and fast our walls go up, but how easily we can watch them fall.

Warning: This book contains material that might be a trigger for some readers. Abuse and rape are implied, but not described in detail. Discretion is advised.

My Thoughts

4.5 out of 5 stars

Warning: This book is not a sappy love story, it is anything but that. This book is raw and real with emotions. It deals with hard topic and it is one of the reasons that I love it so much. 

The beginning of this book was hard for me. I hated it and I thought I wasn't going to enjoy it. The book started to progress and I started to like it more and more until I fell in love with it. This book is unlike anything I have read. Books with hard topics are always hard to accomplish but Amalie Silver did an amazing job with balance. Both of the characters are beautifully broken. They both have issues that they must deal with. 

Charlie is so sweet and you are drawn to her. Her personality makes you love her right off the bat. She is very hard on herself through because she thinks she is a big girl and she doesn't see herself as beautiful. Since the first moment you get inside Charlie's head I saw beauty. It was hard for me to hear her progress throughout the book. She is battling things inside herself and she wants to be thin. Jesse comes barreling into her life and that doesn't help her at all. This book had me cringing so much with the words exchanged between these two. Almost every time Jesse would speak I would cringe. His words were hurtful towards Charlie at times. My soul was hurting for her. I think he was part of the reason that she decided to drastically change her body image. She liked him since the beginning and she wanted him to like her. Her dislike of her body and his hurtful words kind of led her to lose weight so quickly. It was hard watching this process.

"He stole the air from my lungs, the thoughts from my mind, 
and make me want to squeal like a little girl at her first pop concert. 
It was completely disconcerting."

While Charlie was facing her problems she was also trying to help Jesse. Jesse also had beautiful broken mind. He was going through things in his head that he couldn't control at times. I know this but it still hurt me when he would hurt Charlie. I saw him and I knew how hard it was for him to stay sane. This story was about these two beautiful characters that needed help. They needed someone but at the same time they were both harmful to each other. Between these moments of hurt there was also beautiful moments that made it easy to love Jesse. He was sweet at times but he hurt Charlie far more. This relationship was hard to deal with but at the same time it was real. 

"And for some unexplained reason, 
my mind never stopped moving when he was near: 
a firefly trapped in a mason jar."

This book is more than romance, it deals with a lot of hard issues that a lot of people are scared to talk about. This is why I love Amalie Silver for doing this and taking on this hard challenge, which she accomplished very well. I understood these issues and I am glad she tackled them head on. The ending of this book was hard so do not expect a HEA. It is going to take time and I am willing to wait for the rest, whatever it might be. Thank you Amalie Silver for giving us this beautiful, hard, confusing, powerful book. 

3 Quotes That Broke Me

"Everyone looked at me like I was an abomination. Everywhere I turned, someone was spewing hateful remarks. People used me as their personal punching bag. If I were to take pride in anything, it would be that at least I made others feel good about themselves."

"I tried to get back to my car as quickly as possible, fighting off the tears. Why state the obvious? No on one would ever touch a monster like me. There was so much more I wanted to say to him but I could never let him see ho much he hurt me."

"I was selfish and cruel because beautiful boys like Jesse didn't touch ugly girls like me. And I wanted one night with a man like him. I wanted to say fuck you to the Aaron Paulsons, the snickering mall-goers, and the whispering diners who'd always told me nothing. That I was nobody." 

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