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Snake Eyes by Melissa Pearl Review and Release Day

Title: Snake Eyes
Author: Melissa Pearl
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Release Date: January 30, 2015

Caitlyn Davis expects her sophomore year at UCLA to be perfect...until she walks into her dorm room to find Special Agent Zoey Kaplan of the FBI waiting for her. In that instant, she knows her idyllic year with new best friends, Nicole and Dale, along with her super hot boyfriend, Eric, is about to fall apart.

Having been forced to work with the FBI months earlier, Caity accidentally gave away her special ability to read people's emotions and know whether they were telling the truth. Now, Kaplan wants Caity to go undercover again for a secret operation that will bring her close to the sadistic Diego Mendez, a man believed to be involved in human trafficking.

Eric Shore is not a man who trusts easily. Having been burned multiple times, it’s hard for him to open up completely, but his love for Caity makes him want to try. Yet, her sudden withdrawal worries him, particularly when she chooses to spend time with her new roommate, Quella Mendez, over him. When Caity’s behavior begins to match that of her wild roommate, Eric wonders if their relationship is as strong as he believed.

As Caity struggles to maintain her relationship and do her job, she finds herself pulled further into a dangerous world that could take away everything she holds dear. Will Eric learn the truth in time to save her? Or will the man with the eyes of a snake destroy their perfect romance?

My Review
4.5 out of 5 stars

This has become my favorite book of the series so far because finally Eric and Caity are together! Eric is a sweetie and I love that he loves Caity so much and of course Caity loves Eric just as much. I went from loving Eric in book one to slightly disliking him in book two and then love loving him completely in book three. He was so understanding of Caity and I loved their Taco Tuesdays! Of course this couple will run into some problems like always. Caity just can't seem to keep out of trouble but that is what I like about her. She always tries to help others no matter what it costs her but this time the price might be high.

Just when Caity and her friend Nicole were about to move with their boyfriends, Dale and Eric, she is forced to say she doesn't want to in order to stay in her dorm.  This time, agent Caity as I like to call her is kind of coerced into helping Agent Kaplan (Man I do hate the lady) stop Diego Mendez who is involved in human trafficking. To do this she must stay in her dorm to make friends with her new roommate Quella who also happens to be the daughter of Mendez. Quella has been homeschooled, sheltered all her life, and received everything she ever desired but she wants to live the college life. This leads to Caity partying almost everyday which leads her away from her friends Dale and Nicole as well as Eric. 

In order for this case to work Caity must find out information from Quella but she is more reserved that Caity thought. Caity must keep trying to find out where the secret location is and where the kidnapped girls are being sold before they are crossed over the border. Kaplan blackmails Caity into doing things that are bad and I hate her for it. Caity has to do it if not bad things will happen so Caity agrees. Interesting things start to happen then and just when you think your safe something happens that makes me want to punch something. This book ends in quite the cliffhanger but it excites me for Poker Face which is the next book in the series. I am ready for you Poker Face and I must say that I really need you right about now!


Melissa Pearl was born in Auckland, New Zealand, but has spent much of her life abroad, living in countries such as Jordan, Cyprus and Pakistan... not to mention a nine month road trip around North America with her husband. "Best. Year. Ever!!" She now lives in China with her husband and two sons. She is a trained elementary teacher, but writing is her passion. Since becoming a full time mother she has had the opportunity to pursue this dream and her debut novel hit the internet in November 2011. Since then she has continued to produce a steady stream of books, ranging in genres from Fantasy to Contemporary Romance. She loves the variety and is excited about the books she has coming up in 2015.

"I am passionate about writing. It stirs a fire in my soul that I never knew I had. I want to be the best writer I can possibly be and transport my readers into another world where they can laugh, cry and fall in love."
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Seductions Kiss by Alyssa Rose Ivy Review and Release Day

Seductions Kiss RDL Banner   

Holy crow! We are so excited to bring you all the Release Day launch for Alyssa Rose Ivy's SEDUCTION'S KISS! SEDUCTION’S KISS is a prequel novella to LURE, a novel in her The Allure Chronicles Series. This novella is seriously fantastic! Go grab your copy today!!

Seductions Kiss

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  About SEDUCTION’S KISS: *Prequel novella to Lure (The Allure Chronicles #1)* Never agree to a road trip to New Orleans with your roommate. At least not when your roommate is dragging you along while she reconnects with an ex-boyfriend. Possible consequences of failing to take my advice: 1) Unknowingly going out with a vampire stripper 2) Getting kidnapped by said vampire's nest mates 3) Falling head over heels for your winged hero Believe it or not number 3 is the worst one, especially when no one believes you that he exists. 


5 out of 5 stars

This has become my new favorite Alyssa Rose Ivy book. Ever since the start of the Pterons I have been curious about Owen and I finally get him! He has always intrigued me the most and I really need to know his past and why he doesn't really date. Sadly this book was not in Owen's POV but I wasn't disappointed at all. It is in Daisy's POV and although she is sometimes a pushover, I kind of relate to her. It was really necessary to get this book in her POV as you will soon find out.

This book is very short but I think it is a necessary read to find out how Daisy and Owen meet. It is quite the trip that leads them to each other. The roommate drags Daisy along to New Orleans because she wants to go be with a guy which she really downplayed just how much she liked him (I didn't like that but I accepted it since it led her to Owen). While there, Daisy has to put up with two horrible roommates, a witch, and some not so cool and creepy vampires.

I liked that this book showed the journey that mostly Daisy had to take to meet Owen. I can't really say much without ruining it but I will say that I cannot wait for Lure to come out! I am in desperate need for it because of Owen (duh). This book was great but it was far too short for me but I think it did a good job in describing Owen and Daisy's first encounter. I am sure that this will be my favorite series by far by Alyssa Rose Ivy.


We wove our way through the crowds. I glanced into the rows of bars and clubs teeming with people dressed in various degrees of costumes. Despite my apprehension of hanging out with someone I barely knew, the excitement seemed to be rubbing off on me. I found myself moving along to the music spilling out of one club when we were momentarily stopped.
“Duncan!” A girl with long blond hair yelled and proceeded to wrap her arms around Duncan’s neck. She was dressed as a pumpkin, if a pumpkin was just a skimpy piece of orange fabric. “Come dancing with us.” She was visibly drunk.
“Oh, hi.” He gave me an apologetic look.
I shrugged. It wasn’t like we were on a date.
“Why aren’t you dressed up? It’s Halloween. You’re supposed to be dressed up.”
He shoved a hand into his back pocket. “How do you know that I’m not dressed up?”
“Laurie!” The girl yelled. “It’s Duncan, the stripper who did Debbie’s party last week.”
Wait. What? Did he strip? Wow, that was pretty surprising. He wasn’t bad looking, but I hadn’t met a male stripper before.
Another girl ran over. This one was appropriately attired. She had an awesome lollipop costume on. She also gave Duncan a hug, so I decided to people watch while I waited. That’s when I saw him. The gorgeous guy from the bar. All six plus feet of his perfectness. This time he was wearing one of those sleeveless white t-shirts that showed off his muscular arms. But it wasn’t his muscles that jumped out the most. It was his beautiful set of black wings. Now that was a costume.
He glanced up just as he passed, and my chest tightened. He looked at me with curiosity for a second before continuing on. Maybe he vaguely remembered my face but didn’t know why. I wasn’t sure what would be worse, if he remembered the humiliating moment, or if he didn’t.
I suddenly felt embarrassed of my cat costume. Were the whiskers too much?
“Daisy?” Duncan called my name and snapped me out of my daze. “Ready?” The girls must have walked off while I was distracted because Duncan was alone watching me. I wondered how obvious my ogling was.
“Yeah, sure.”
Duncan towed me along until he turned into a dark and completely unappealing dive. This was his favorite place? I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to offend him. Maybe this was one of those hidden gems you always hear about. Just to be safe I texted Reyna the name of the place as inconspicuously as possible, Grounddiggers.
“Who are you texting?” Duncan asked as we walked through the entrance.
Evidently I wasn’t as inconspicuous as I thought. “Just a friend.” I’m not sure why I didn’t just tell him who it was. I just felt like it was safer not to.
He nodded at a bouncer, who like Duncan was dressed all in black. The bouncer grunted something unintelligible to Duncan. Duncan must have taken the grunt to mean enter because he pulled me further inside.

Alyssa Rose Ivy- Author PhotoAbout Alyssa Rose Ivy: Alyssa Rose Ivy is a New Adult and Young Adult author who loves to weave stories with romance and a southern setting. Although raised in the New York area, she fell in love with the South after moving to New Orleans for college. After years as a perpetual student, she turned back to her creative side and decided to write. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children, and she can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand.        

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Bridges Burned by Chris Cannon Review and Release Day

Title: Bridges Burned (Book 2)
Author: Chris Cannon
Release Date: January 27, 2015

Don’t just fight the system…burn it.
Since discovering she is a shape-shifting, fire-breathing dragon on her sixteenth birthday (surprise!), Bryn McKenna’s world has been thrown into chaos. Being a “crossbreed”—part Red dragon and part Blue—means Bryn will never fit in. Not with dragon society. Not with the archaic and controlling Directorate. And definitely not when she has striped hair and a not-so-popular affection for rule-breaking…
But sneaking around with her secret boyfriend, Zavien, gets a whole lot harder when he’s betrothed to someone else. Someone who isn’t a mixed breed and totally forbidden. And for an added complication, it turns out Bryn’s former archnemesis Jaxon Westgate isn’t quite the evil asshat she thought. Now she’s caught between her desire to fit in and a need to set things on fire. Literally.
Because if Bryn can’t adapt to the status quo…well, then maybe it’s time for her to change it.


My Review:

4 out of 5 stars

Chris Cannon gave me a new obsession in Going Down in flames. I loved the concept of dragons and knights in a series. It is something different and unique that I liked right away. What was even better is Bryn because she is a hybrid (Red and Blue) dragon. I love what these dragons can do. Each color has a specific breath you could say. Red is fire, Blue is ice, Orange is sonic waves, Black is lighting, and Green is wind. The bad thing that is going on is that these dragons are seriously stuck in the old ways. They are completely segregated and stuck in a social class just by their color. The Blues are powerful, rich, and they create the laws and decide the rules for all. Bryn is seen as a mistake and a challenge against the Directorate, which are the rulers of the dragon society (Blues mostly).

As we saw in the previous book, the Revisionist are trying to change the law. Zavien is a part of them and we saw him a lot in book one. I really like him. In this book not so much. I kind of hated him. It was so weird how I went from liking him to hating him real quick. He was rude and a liar! I mean he was with Bryn constantly and then all of a sudden he just became fake and stayed with Nola. Ok let me explain a little. The dragons have to submit a petition to be accepted to marry someone. How crazy is that?! Well you have to marry someone in your clan. Zavien is black so therefore he must marry a black dragon. He told Bryn that he wanted to change the law to be with her but in this book he became distant and I did not like him at all.

Now I hated Jaxon so much in the first book but in this book I actually came to like him and respect him. He became a good character even though at times he would be his snobby self but that is explainable because Blues are raised to be that way. Now the one I really came to love was Valmont, Bryn's knight. So the dragons can have knights but this hasn't happened in a long time but of course Bryn activated Valmont as her knight so now he became her night. I absolutely love Valmont because he is kind, always there for Bryn, and he will do anything for her. His personality and his actions won me over. Now I am going Team Valmont all the way. Forget about Zavien and his lies, give me Valmont!

As for the storyline and the book itself, I think it lacked something because it didn't really have a huge purpose. It needed more of an action. Ok so yeah they are trying to solve who the crazy Revisionist are that are trying to attack the school but I think it needed a little more purpose and plan. And I really want to know who keeps trying to kill Bryn! Poor girl it is not her fault that she is a hybrid. At least her parents were actually in love and not subjected to the Directorate rules! Im just ready for the next book to see which dragons are in charge of the attacks that are going on.


Chris Cannon lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and her three dogs, Pete the shih tzu who sleeps on her desk while she writes, Molly the ever-shedding yellow lab, and Tyson the sandwich-stealing German Shepherd Beagle. She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can find her sucking down caffeine and writing fire-breathing paranormal adventures. Going Down In Flames is the first book in Chris Cannon's shape-shifting dragon series.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Stay by Alyssa Rose Ivy Book Review

Title: Stay
Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy
Genre: Paranormal Romance, New Adult
Published: October 20, 2014

Nothing could possibly get worse. Everything and everyone that could be in jeopardy already is, and Jared knows that he is The Society's only hope. If he doesn't find a way to escape he fails everyone including Vera, the bear shifter he can't seem to get out of his head.

Casey and Toby are in love. Head over heels in love, but is their love strong enough to survive a magic so powerful that Casey's mind is no longer in her control?

Vera will do anything to help her sister, and unfortunately that means she is well acquainted with Jared, the most frustrating man she has ever met. Now she has to find a way to fight her annoyance and growing attraction long enough to help save Levi and Allie.

Racing against the clock, all four must face their greatest fears to save The Society and all the people they love.

The Empire Chronicles Order
Soar (The Empire Chronicles...
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Search (The Empire Chronicl...

Stay (The Empire Chronicles...

4 out of 5 stars

So after having been left in shock from the previous book (Search), I finally got to read Stay. When I figured out who the Boss was I couldn't believe it. I have never been that clueless before. I mean I would have never guessed that the Boss would of been that person. So a recount of book twos ending; We finally know who the boss is, we figure out that Casey's head has been messed with, and Jared has been captured by the Boss. Not a good ending at all. It left me shocked and wanting to know what will happen next. So I was ready for this book and especially so with Vera (Casey's long lost sister you could say), being introduced in the previous book.

I liked Vera because after the love triangle that went on with Casey, Toby, and Jared we needed to add someone new to the mix. Vera is perfect for that because she is the girl version of Jared. She has a strong personality and she speaks exactly what she thinks. She is straight to the point and I like that. Jared likes that too. He tries to fight his attraction for her but not very well. He doesn't want to like her but he does. I like to see Jared tortured (and I want him to fall in love too) and Vera is the perfect person for that. 

As for that crazy love triangle that was going on, I really am happy for Casey and Toby. They are good together and after all that Toby has gone through (Two love triangles!? Crazy!), I am happy that he is finally happy. I love the two of them together because Toby really cares and loves Casey. Their relationship in this book grows stronger because of what happens. Casey finally gets to learn the truth from her mother and it is acceptable for her to be with another Pteron. 

I liked this books because a lot goes on and we finally get to understand some of the things that went on in The Society. It is crazy how revenge can drive people to do things. There is betrayal that is surprising and secrets that are revealed. I liked it all but I am ready for the next book because Jared and Vera! That is going to be a fun one especially with all their banter and bickering.

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Saving You by Kelly Elliott Release Day

What happens when your head and heart contradict each other regarding the one person you’ve always wanted?

Growing up, Luke Johnson and Libby Hayes thought they would be best friends forever.

One kiss changed everything.

Fearing his love for Libby could cost him their friendship, Luke chooses to listen to his head—instead of his heart.

Will the regrets of denying the one person Luke wants to give himself to, end up leaving him lost and alone? Or will Libby be able to save him with her love?

Saving You is book 2 in the Love Wanted In Texas Series.

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Kelly Elliott is married to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a knack for making her laugh almost daily and supports her crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason...he claims it's because he loves her!
She’s also a mom to an amazing daughter who is constantly asking for something to eat while her fingers move like mad on her cell phone sending out what is sure to be another very important text message.
In her spare time she loves to sit in her small corner overlooking the Texas hill country and write.

One of her favorite things to do is go for hikes around her property with Gus....her chocolate lab and the other man in her life, and Rose, her golden retriever. When Kelly is not outside helping the hubby haul brush, move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for her that day, you’ll find her inside reading, writing or watching HGTV.

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