About Gina

Hey loves! I’m G, which stands for girly. Not really it’s actually the first letter of my name, but it should be for girly because I am a total girly girl. I LOVE books, if it were up to me I would read them all day and night. Of course things like sleeping, eating, family, work, school, friends, and breathing do take priority over them, sometimes, so whenever I have free time my nose WILL be buried in a book. I remember the first book I ever read that drew me into the reading world and ruined me forever. It was a book named Where the Red Ferns Grow, I was 11 and sobbed like a baby in the middle of class. Those of you who have read the book know exactly why those tears were shed. I do not discriminate against book genres, well mostly. I do have my favorites though YA and NA being at the top. I really enjoy Rachel Van Dyken’s historic series too! I also have another passion aside from reading. DANCE! I love to dance, Jazz being my favorite genre. I am a member of the dance team at my University. Whenever I have a group project I always suggest we do an interpretive dance (just kidding) bet that would be funny though. I am a Public Relations major with a minor in English Literature. I am so happy to be doing this with my friend Tanya and super excited to find out what you think of our blog!

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