Monday, November 3, 2014

Midnight Monday

Delirium by Lauren Oliver is given the honor of receiving this weeks Midnight Monday!

Love is a disease
You can't fall in love.
This is what this book is about. 
There is control. 
There are lies. 
There is love. 
There is rule breaking. 
But risking it all for love is worth it for Lena.

“Everything looks beautiful. The Book of Shhh says that deliria alters your perception, disables your ability to reason clearly, impairs you from making sound judgments. But it does not tell you this: that love will turn the whole world into something greater than itself.” 

I read this book way before I started blogging and it was soooo good! I fell in love with it completely since the beginning and it brought me a lot of heartbreak but joy as well. That is because of Lena. She is a tough character after she learns the truths about her world. Yeah she was really annoying sometimes but I grew to love her.

Alex is the one who teaches her the truth. He is the dreamy, independent guy that you automatically love because of his determination. He is strong and brave and everything you look for in a book boyfriend. Let me warn you though, this book will devastate you and hurt you so much. You will throw this book in anger and frustration but these are the things that make this book so amazing. 

I HIGHLY recommend this book for everyone to read. It is just one of those books that will give you as serious book hangover. I promise that you will fall in love with it.  I get that some people will not like the ending because sadly I about died but I love it. 

“You can build walls all the way to the sky and I will find a way to fly above them. You can try to pin me down with a hundred thousand arms, but I will find a way to resist. And there are many of us out there, more than you think. People who refuse to stop believing. People who refuse to come to earth. People who love in a world without walls, people who love into hate, into refusal, against hope, and without fear.

I love you. Remember. They cannot take it.”

 That is how I picture Alex *sigh*. He is really dreamy. 


Ninety-five days, and then I'll be safe. I wonder whether the procedure will hurt. I want to get it over with. It's hard to be patient. It's hard not to be afraid while I'm still uncured, though so far the deliria hasn't touched me yet. Still, I worry. They say that in the old days, love drove people to madness. The deadliest of all deadly things: It kills you both when you have it and when you don't. 

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  1. I've heard about this series and I think my sister read them but I've heard mixed things about the ending and so I never felt the urge to pick it up. I don't know what to do though... And I get the feeling this is a dystopian? which is a genre I have a love/hate relationship with hahaha the endings always ruined everything =(


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