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Inner Fire Book Tour (ARC Review)

Inner Fire
by R.L. Stedman
Release Date: 11/30/14
 Summary from Goodreads:
‘‘Maybe it would be better if I started at the beginning.’ Gran watched me carefully. ‘This ability we have; my mother, me. You. We draw heat along our bodies; anger makes us flame.’

When her friend is assaulted, Corrine Peterson can’t help reacting. But she didn’t think and now her hands are burnt, Gran is coming to look after her and, scariest of all, strange men are watching her house. Could they be terrorists? Secret agents? 

It seems that Gran’s idea of a solution is to introduce Corrine to Rowan. Okay, sure, maybe eighteen year old Rowan is gorgeous – but he has his own troubles. And right now, Corrine doesn’t need complications in her life.

But in a world of surveillance and secrecy, complexity is inevitable. And as the tension mounts Corrine realizes - maybe Gran can help her, after all.

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3 out of 5 stars

So when I choose a book to participate in a blog tour I look at the synopsis. I liked the synopsis for this book and I really liked the cover. It caught my attention so I right away wanted to be a part of the tour. This book starts off with a glimpse of the main character, Corrine. It doesn't take long before her Inner Fire is shown. So fire that Corrine has is not like some kind of superpower or something that a lot of people have. This fire is a mutation that is passed on through generations but not everyone is lucky to have it. Corrine's mother didn't get the gene but Corrine, her great grandmother, and grandmother have it or had it. 

Corrine's great grandmother, or Gran as she calls her, is sent to go help Corrine because Corrine has had a little accident and let her inner fire out literally. She actually set fire to a store and quite possibly a man (for good reason) but you will find this out for yourselves. When this happens Corrine's hands get burnt so that is why Gran is called. This leads to a series of events that put Corrine in danger so her mother, father, and Gran decide it is best for Corrine to go stay with Gran in the middle of nowhere. Corrine absolutely hates the idea but she has to go.

This is where I didn't like the book so much, everything just happens so quickly. So when Corrine goes to Gran's house she meets a guy, Rowan, the grandson of Harry. Gran is kind of seeing/dating Harry so this is how Rowan and Corrine meet. Rowan invites Corrine to go out and walk and Corrine decided to go. I didn't like how this happened way to quickly, I mean they just met one day and they are already kissing. I did not like this at all because it was Corrine's first kiss and Rowan just kisses her without any warning really. This made me sad and I just couldn't believe Corrine. She did not stop it or anything. From there they just keep kissing and stuff. Their relationship just moved too quickly and Corrine grew attached to Rowan even though she didn't know him that much. It just didn't feel right to me. 

During her time with Gran another accident happens but this is because they were attacked again so it wasn't really the fault of Corrine. This mysterious people going after Corrine gave the story a little more depth but I don't think it was enough. This book had great potential but it fell a little short for me. The idea of the inner fire was really great but it lacked something. It just didn't have that little extra something to make it special. Overall it was ok but if it had a little BAM or POW (if that makes sense) it would have been better.

As we neared the doors everything seemed to move in slow motion and all the clatter of the railway station seemed to fall away, until there was only my heart pounding slowly, slowly, and three men, running toward us.
A hand grabbed at my arm. Dimly, I could hear Dad shouting ‘Leave her alone, you bastards!’
I twisted, pushed. My hair flew into my eyes. Dad bounded towards us, tried to grab one of the men, but they sidestepped him easily, gracefully, as if they were dancing, and knocked him to the ground.
He lay on the floor of the train station, groaning, and the crowd scattered.
‘Come on, little girl,’ said one. He had little flecks of gray in his hair.
He held my arm so tight.
Desperately, I shook my arms, my head, anything to loosen that grip.

Dad staggered to his feet but he seemed slow, so slow, and these men were strong. They half-dragged me back into the station, away from the doors. Weirdly, I felt really calm. Like I was cut off from everyone, like I was looking at people through glass. This isn’t happening; it’s not real, not real at all.

About the Author
My name is Rachel Stedman. I’m a physiotherapist (physical therapist) by background, but now I work as a freelance contractor. I live in the wild and windy place of Dunedin, New Zealand, with my husband and two kids.

I write mostly for children and young adults. In 2012 I won the Tessa Duder Award for an unpublished YA work and my first novel, A Necklace of Souls, was published by HarperCollins in 2013 (available in the United Kingdom and on Book Depository from June 2015). This year, A Necklace of Souls was awarded Best First Book at the 2014 New Zealand Post Book Awards and won a Notable Book Award from Storylines. Inner Fire is my second novel.


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