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Hello, I am Tanya and I'm 22 years old. Let's say that I love my background because it has offered me two different cultures. Living in Texas has been a blessing. I know English and Spanish and I love communicating with both. I was raised in a small rural community on a farm with lots of animals and not so many neighbors. I guess that's both good and bad. I love bonding with nature and it brings me peace and quiet, which is excellent when I want to read.

I have had a long history with reading. My mom says that I was the only child she read to in the womb and thats why I love reading so much. My sister and brother, yeah not so much. I remember my dad reading to me as a small child and then me continuing in elementary. I stopped somewhere in middle school. I don't know why, but I did. Then I started back up my freshmen year in high school. And guess which book brought back my love of reading? Twilight. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're going to say. Really?? But this book and one of my friends constant harassing led me to this book. It sparked my love for reading right back up and for that I am forever grateful. Ever since then I have been reading books non-stop. I would borrow them from my library but after graduation I resorted to my first kindle (which has died since then) *sad face*. Now I have hundreds of books on my new kindle.

Im in love with all sorts of books and genres. I like to stick with anything that has romance in it. It keeps me going! I love dystopian, young adult, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance. I love diving into these books especially if they have a bit of mystery and surprise. And I also LOVE photography. I enjoy posting all my pictures on my #bookstagram. Here is my link if you want to follow: INSTAGRAM.

I just graduated from university and I now have my Bachelors in Multimedia Journalism. Actually, me and Gina met at our university. It was my first semester and we had the same class. Our professor divided us up into groups and we were paired together. The class ha over 300 students! It was meant to be. We clicked right away because of our love for reading. I recommended her a few books and she fell in love with them. Fast-forward a few years and we finally had the courage to start up our own blog after getting a little inspiration from Kat a book character that has her own blog (Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout). From then on we have created and worked on this blog. It is our baby!

Some of My All Time Favorite Books

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